Dugite Permanent Bollards

Economy Range / Surface Mount Bollards

Dugite Permanent Bollards can be bolted down to concrete slabs in car parks, warehouses in fact anywhere with a solid surface.
The Dugite Range comes in a range of sizes and heights. They have a 3mm galvanised steel wall and are powder coated Safety Yellow or Blue (certain sizes only).


  • Powder coated Safety Yellow or Blue
  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Press metal cap to allow concrete filling
  • Red reflector strip at top of bollard
  • Optional: chain lugs, chain and pad locks


  • DE114SM1000SY

A  =  1000mm   B  =  225mm   C  =  114mm   D  =  3mm   E  =  6mm

  • DE140SM1300SY

A  =  1300mm   B  =  225mm   C  =  140mm   D  =  3mm   E  =  6mm

  • DE140SM1300B

A  =  1300mm   B  =  300mm   C  =  140mm   D  =  3mm   E  =  6mm

  • DE165SM1300SY

A  =  1300mm   B  =  350mm   C  =  165mm   D  =  3mm   E  =  8mm

  • Please see diagram below:

    SM Bollard Range diagram