Coming in various sizes to suit most jobs whether bolting down surface mounted bollards or for fixing dock bumpers into loading docks.

  • 10mm diameter x 75mm long
  • 12mm diameter x 75mm long
  • 12mm diameter x 100mm long
  • 16mm diameter x 65mm long
  • 16mm diameter x 110mm long
  • 20mm diameter x 150mm long

All are stock items and can be added to any order.

Mushroom Spikes

Used to secure to a solid surface, just drill a hole and hammer in the Mushroom Spike. It has a kink in the spike that straightens as it is hammered in then it will try to go back to its original shape tightening in the drilled hole. For quick installation you cannot beat Mushroom spikes.


  • Easy to install
  • Hexagon drive head shears off at specified torque
  • After shearing, the conical nut stays in situ
  • Incapable of removable with standard tools
  • Quality product
  • Zinc plated

Rawl Plugs, Coach Screws and Washers

When we sell our Dugite range of rubber speed humps or wheel stops we supply a set of fixings made up of Rawl plug, coach screw and washer. These are used when fixing to concrete or any hard surface.

  • Part No FIX 1 10mm x 75mm for speed humps
  • Part No FIX 2 10mm x 150mm for rubber wheel stops

Drive Pin Rivets

If you don’t have an expensive rivet gun to pull the Heavy Duty Megalock aircraft rivets you can use a Drive pin rivet. The difference is you can hammer it in –no rivet gun required! It comes in 6mm, use Part No DR6 for ordering.

Megalock Rivets

These Heavy Duty aircraft rivets have been used extensively in the Okal, Ramguard and Dugite retractable bollards for many years. The grip range is 2mm-15.9mm. The ¼ inch rivet can be ordered by Part No Mega Rivet 1/4inch

Security Shear Nuts

The breakaway head on Shear nuts make it almost impossible to tamper with the conical nut and steal or gain unauthorised entry. Zinc plated it is long lasting outside without rusting. Deter seasoned criminals from theft or disabling a security deterrent such as bollards with this inexpensive product.

8mm M8 ZP 10-15
10mm M10 ZP 23-28
12mm M12 ZP 35-40
16mm M16 ZP 55-70
20mm M20 ZP 60-80

SPIKES – Bitumen Spikes
DSHFIXR – Fixings
BKIT10-Y – Plice Fixing Kits.
REPLACEMENT SCREW – Replacement Screw
BBFTP – Barrier Ball Fence Taper Pin