Pivot Sentry - Keylock Fold Down Bollards

Pivot Sentry – Keylock Fold Down Bollards

Pivoted bollards are used to protect parking bays. Once unlocked they easily fold down allowing authorised access to a car park or car bay.

A comfortable bollard to operate and robust enough to deter someone looking to illegally use your car bay. You will find these bollards in the car parks of hospitals, libraries, universities and inner city apartment complexes.

These Pivoted Sentry bollards are also used to protect factory emergency exit doors.


  • Epoxy painted Safety Yellow
  • Two keys supplied
  • Individually keyed or keyed alike


  • 65mm Square Bollard Post
  • Height: 750mm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Cast aluminium base
  • Aluminium alloy cap
  • Galvanised steel post
  • Two red reflective bands

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