316 grade stainless steel

Stainless Steel Permanent Surface Mount Bollards

There is nothing nicer than walking through an airport or shopping mall and passing stylish, shining stainless steel bollards. I always appreciate the quality and upmarket appeal of stainless steel. Our range of Dugite surface mounted, stainless steel bollards are in a class of their own, coming in 316 marine grade stainless steel that prevents tea staining (tarnishing).

Our stainless steel bollards are welded to a base plate so they can be bolted directly on to concrete or a solid surface. The bollard has a welded flat cap and comes in a polished, mirror finish. Stainless steel cover skirts are optional to cover the fastenings and achieve an upmarket look


  •  316 Marine Grade stainless
  •  Electro polished
  •  Available in 90mm x 140mm diameter
  •  Surface mounted
  •  Flat cap
  •  Optional cover skirt
  •  Installation service available


  •  Diameter: 90mm | Height Above: 900mm | 7.4kg
  •  Diameter: 140mm | Height Above: 1200mm | 19kg
  •  Diameter: 168mm | Height Above: 1300mm | 26.5kg
  •  Chain Ring Kit Optional


BC90SMSS – 90mm
BC140SMSS – 140mm
BC168SMSS – 168mm