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Archive for 2021

  • Decorative Bollards

    Using Decorative Bollards To Protect Facilities

    Decorative bollards give a great aesthetic appearance to any commercial, industrial, educational and private facility spaces, without compromising functionality, protection…

  • Road Traffic Management Cones

    A Guide to Road Traffic Management

    Remember the last time you drove through some roadworks? You’ll probably remember because you were frustrated at the slow speeds…

  • traffic convex mirrors

    Uses of Convex Mirrors

    Convex mirrors are one of the most effective safety tools aimed at ensuring smooth traffic flow in and around your…

  • Workplace health safety

    What Is Workplace Health And Safety?

    Workplace health and safety (WHS), sometimes known as occupational health and safety, is an important consideration for all businesses. But…

  • School Students Crossing Road

    School Safety: School Traffic Management Plan

    The safety of our schools is an important part of a functioning community. A safe and effective school traffic management…

  • handicap sign indicating accessible route

    An Accessibility Checklist For Your Upcoming Event

    Are you organising, hosting, or planning an event? Whether it’s a conference, pop-up market, or exhibition, ensuring the accessibility of…

  • Wheel Stops vs Bollards

    Wheel Stops vs Bollards – Which One Should I Install in my Car Park

    Ensuring people’s safety in a car park can be a difficult task. With moving vehicles, pedestrians – not to mention…

  • Image Bollards to Image Extra

    From Image Bollards to Image Extra

    Here’s some exciting news for you.  We are changing our name from “Image Bollards” to “Image Extra”.  This is really…

  • Wheel Stops Australia

    Installation Guide for Wheel Stops in your parking lot

    Wheel stops are the most effective way of controlling traffic, stopping collisions, and managing space in complex and crowded parking…

  • Speed Hump

    10 Different Ways to Improve Car Park Safety

    Whether it’s at work, home, or in a larger commercial car park – the safety of your car and others…