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Steel Bollards: Not only aesthetically pleasing but also protects your property

stainless steel bollards perth

While steel bollards are popular for their aesthetic value, their main purpose is to restrict vehicular access and prevent damage from collisions.

Bollards can be made out of cast iron, stainless steel, plastic, and more.

Stainless steel bollards are the best choice for long-term security as the material is highly resistant to corrosion. Each one is filled with concrete, making it capable of surviving multiple crashes.

There are three types of steel bollards: fixed or permanent bollards, fold-down or collapsible, and automatic.

Here are the top three reasons why you need steel bollards for your property.

Security and Safety

Bollards can protect your property from both accidental and intentional crashes. Drivers can become distracted or lose control of their vehicles. Some criminals also crash into buildings to access the property and steal valuables.

Bollards can prevent car crashes and resulting damage to your property. It’s a small investment that could save you from repairing costly damage.

Manage Site Access

Whether it’s to prevent unauthorised individuals from parking in your private space or just for general security, you may want to restrict vehicular entry to your site.

There might also be times you want or need vehicles to drive through. If you need bollards for this purpose, you might want to consider automatic, collapsible, or removable steel bollards.

A variety of bollards are available depending on your needs. Automatic ones, for example, allow you to lower or raise bollards as needed without having to alight from your vehicle.

Traffic Control

Sidewalk bollards help direct both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. You prevent accidents from both drivers and pedestrians by lining the area with steel bollards.

People also use stainless steel bollards to give their property that sleek, upscale appearance.

Planning Permission for Steel Bollards

You do not need planning permission to install any type of safety bollard as long as it is installed within your own private land.

Same rules apply if you plan to install it in your private parking space.

Make sure to install safety bollards only within the boundaries of your private property to avoid disputes.

Costs of Installing Steel Bollards

You do not need professional or specialised skills to install steel bollards. This helps you save on installation costs. All you need to worry about is acquiring the materials needed.

Depending on the quality and type, prices can start at $99 from standard types or $140 for foldable and automated ones.

Sophisticated and high-quality bollards, as well as customised ones, could cost up to $250 to $350.

It’s best to consult an expert for the best type of bollards for your needs.

What Color Should Steel Bollards Be

The main purpose of steel bollards is to protect your property against accidental crashes. Eye-catching colours such as bold yellow add visibility and warn drivers early on.

Steel bollards also have a corrosion-resistant finish to withstand environmental conditions and prevent rusting.

If you want to increase visibility without sacrificing the sleek appeal of stainless steel, you can add reflective tape strips in neon colours Steel bollards.

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