3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Steel Bollards for Your Location

Many people will have noticed that security bollards are becoming a common sight in our towns and cities. Sydney has over 2,500 bollards; some have been introduced as anti-terrorism measures and others for security, access and safety purposes. Concrete and steel bollards are a popular choice to boost security, but they don’t have to be static monoliths, and they can be used for a variety of uses. Let’s take a closer look at three reasons why you may want to install more bollards at your location.

Steel Bollards reduced

Early Research is Important

Before you seriously look at installing steel bollards at your location, it’s important to carry out some research first. Planning security for your site will reveal areas that could benefit from some additional security measures. Bollards are an affordable and versatile way to deal with a number of problems, such as access restriction, parking solutions, calming traffic and providing a physical obstacle. There are retractable, removable and folding bollards available that can change the nature of a location as required. This is useful for allowing or denying access at certain times of the day or for emergency access. Once you understand your needs better, you will be able to choose the right bollards for your site, and Image Bollards can offer expert advice.

1. Restricting Access

At many business premises, there is often a shortage of parking spaces and the area may be shared as part of a larger common parking facility. Reserving or designating parking for your employees and customers can present a real challenge. Steel bollards can be used to restrict access to your parking areas and prevent others from using your parking spaces. At the access points or at the front of individual parking spaces a steel folding bollards can be installed. This can be folded down when access is needed and folded up and locked into place to protect the space when it’s not in use.

2. Boosting Security

Vehicular theft or “ram raiding” is still a threat to any business and it can cause a great deal of loss and damage. Installing steel security bollards is a great way to protect your business premises from these types of crimes. Wherever you feel like there is an angle or vector where a vehicle can get a run up at your business, it’s a good spot to put a bollard. A single bollard is quite strong, but when they are installed in series their strength is added together to reduce kinetic energy. It’s far cheaper to repair or replace a steel bollard than deal with the after effects of a ram raid. These types of security measures may even reduce your insurance premiums.

3. Protecting Pedestrians

If your business is located on or near a busy private road you may be worried about vehicular damage to your location. But, there are also employees and customers to worry about as the walk to and from your business or car park. Installing a row of steel bollards can protect vulnerable access points and walkways from a vehicle that could mount the pavement.

If you’re looking for stainless steel bollards, get in touch with Image Extra for expert help and advice.