4 Essential Overlooked Considerations for Improved Forklift Safety

When they consider forklift safety, Australia based business managers may become overwhelmed. Safety should be a key area of concern, and it needs a multifaceted approach, including adequate training, the correct safety equipment, vehicle inspections, and maintenance. If any of these areas are not considered, the chances of an accident occurring are raised significantly. Let’s look at four key areas that are often overlooked by forklift operators.

The Environment

It’s important to understand the setting where the forklift is going to be used. It may be the case that the forklift is strictly limited to an interior warehouse location that uses loading bays. In many cases, the forklift may be used to unload a vehicle outdoors and then carry loads into the warehouse. The role that the forklift plays will determine the equipment that is required for safe operation, specifically tyres.

Tyre Choices

There are three types of tyres that are usually used; they are rubber, pneumatic and polyurethane. Rubber tyres are a great option for purely interior use, but if used outside they are susceptible to deflating or bursting. Pneumatic tyres are more durable and a good option for heavy lifting operations. Polyurethane tyres are usually fitted to electric powered forklifts and used for handling specialised materials.

Forklift Safety Cages

These barriers are a fantastic way to improve safety in a busy warehouse. They restrict easy access to areas where forklifts are in operation to reduce the chances of an accident occurring. They offer a clear highly visible perimeter for the driver to ensure that he does not drift into more pedestrian areas. Also, in the event of a collision, they act as a safety barrier to protect people that may be in the area. This kind of safety fencing can be a permanent fixture, or it could be a moveable barrier that is only used at certain times of the day.

Used vs. New

It can be very cost effective to using used forklifts and associated parts in your business. It is vitally important to have a used forklift thoroughly checked for accident damage and signs of improper maintenance. Always ensure that a used forklift is correct for the location where it will be used and that it has an adequate turning circle. A new forklift will cost more, but it will have a warranty and support that may be worth the additional premium paid.

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