4 Ways to Improve the Visibility of Expandable Safety Barriers

Expandable safety barriers are a fantastic way to improve safety with temporary access control. They will allow you to close off an area to pedestrian traffic during maintenance and cleaning periods. Improving the visibility of your expandable barriers is a great way to promote safety and reduce accidents. In this article, we will look at four ways that you improve the visibility of an expandable safety barrier.

Expandable Safety barrier

1. Use Colours

This is a simple method that works very well to improve visibility for barriers and bollards. The options available will depend on the material that your barrier is made from. A plastic barrier can have the colour added during the moulding process so the surface colour cannot flake away. A metal barrier will need to be powder coated and then spray painted to match your particular needs. A standard plastic barrier will come in white, but there are many colours available to increase visibility, such as: red, orange and yellow. If you have a barrier with an interlocking fence structure, you can create distinctive contrasts in the pattern by using different colours.

2. Adhesive Reflective Sheets

Reflective sheeting is a very common method to improve visibility on a barrier. This is a shiny adhesive tape that reflects light; it’s applied to the barrier to improve low light or night time visibility. These sheets can be used on many types of barriers or bollards made from a variety of different materials. These reflective sheets typically have an orange and white diagonal pattern that can catch and hold attention better than vertical or horizontal lines.

3. Choosing Barrier Lighting

If you really need your barrier to stand out, fitting a bright warning light will certainly help. Some traffic barriers have ports to plug in lighting, and more advanced models can even have solar powered lights installed. Lighting can be constant or programmed to flash at a desired interval as required. There are other options available, such as sensors that detect when to turn on and off, waterproofing for outdoor applications and many others.

4. Adding Customised Messages

Sometimes, it may be necessary to add more written information to convey what the barrier is there for. Some people will not be deterred by a physical barrier with colours and reflective surfaces. Many barriers will have options for signage areas that can be used to add directions, warning, and instructions. This message is often stenciled onto areas where it can be easily seen and read by anyone attempting to pass through the area.

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