5 Ways to Make Your Location Cyclist Friendly with Bike Racks


We have seen a rise in the use of bikes in recent years for commuting and other eco-friendly travel reasons. Whenever a new behaviour pattern emerges, there will be those that meet the new need and prosper because of their support. For this reason, we have seen more bike racks springing up to offer a cyclist somewhere to secure their bike. The spring and summer months are a great time to make your location more cycle friendly to attract a new business demographic or offer an environmentally friendly alternative to driving. Let’s look at five ways that you can make your location more cycle friendly.

Bike Racks

1. Install Bike Racks

This has to be the top of the list when it comes to making your location cycle friendly. Many companies and institutions are now installing bike racks prominently at the front of their location. This encourages cyclist to park their bikes, and they can then explore the nearby area including your location. Think of this as a welcome mat for cyclists, and if you’re savvy, there may even be grants available for the installation. This is also a great way to encourage your employees to cycle to work; a healthier employee will be happier and far less prone to taking sick days.

2. Offer a Cyclist Discount

To encourage cyclist business even further you could offer a discount for cyclist customers. This could be done to coincide with a local cycling event for some extra free promotion. The products sold don’t have to be cycling related at all, cyclists have the same needs as the rest of us, they just like to ride bikes.

3. Get a “Loaner” Lock

Why not purchase one or more “loner” locks to help out cyclist that have forgotten their own bike lock when they left their home? The locks should be good quality U-locks to maximise security, and you could ask for a deposit when they are loaned out. A forgetful cyclist will really appreciate this gesture, work will get around, and you will build tremendous goodwill with the cycling community.

4. Choose Cycle Couriers

As part of your new cycle friendly initiative, you could encourage the use of cycle couriers. They are very effective at delivering smaller goods and packages in urban environments quickly. Some couriers even work with a bike trailer to deliver large items to your customers. This is yet more evidence that your business is cycle friendly and you even have a place for them to bike their bikes.

5. Get Involved

There will be local cycling initiatives and events that highlight the benefits of cycling for the community. These activities are always looking for people to get involved as volunteers or sponsors. This is a great way to get your name out there, and you can garner a great deal of positive publicity.

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