Are You Considering Bike Racks? Perth Bike Parking Guidelines

Many forward thinking businesses are installing bike racks, Perth WA based site managers may be considering this course of action. This should be encourage, cycling lowers your environmental footprint and reduces the amount of space needed to park transport. Workers that cycle to work are usually healthier, take less sick days and are more able to concentrate on their work. Many recent infrastructure projects have been firmly focused on bike friendly measures, such as cycle lanes and bike parking. In order to make your efforts a success, there are a few guidelines that you may want to consider.

Encourage a Discussion

Start out, by establishing an interest in creating more facilities for bike riders and provide some information on the subject. This could be a circular showing how healthy bike riding is and some advice on quick routes to work. If you want to get more elaborate, you could provide a cost analysis of how much it costs your employees on average to take their cars to work. Don’t forget to take account of the time lost in traffic jams and parking. This information can be emailed to everyone and posted on the staff notice board near the water cooler. This should get everyone talking and build some interest in your project.

Assess the Need

No matter how compelling your arguments are (more on this later) some people will resist using a bike to get to work. This reasons for this, could include: employees on a longer commute, those needing to pick up children and those unwilling to change their habits. This is fine, you don’t want to try and force people to abandon their cars. A simple poll of your workforce will quickly reveal those that are interested in using their bikes and your bike parking facilities. However, always add a few more spaces to account for those that may change their minds later on. Now you will have a good grasp on how much infrastructure you will need to complete the project.

Choose Your Bike Rack System

Tough well made bike racks need to offer protection for bike parking. Steel is the dominant choice in the market, because it’s economical, strong and simple to maintain. The cyclists that use the bike rack will have a variety of different locks to secure their bike. They should be encouraged, to use a pair of tough D locks, one to put through the front forks, frame and wheel, and the other to secure the same areas at the rear of the bike. This will keep the bike safe, but any other valuable items, such as: GPS devices, panniers and other electronics should be taken into work and securely stored there.

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