Choosing the Right Expandable Barriers

A barrier is a useful way to designate the boundaries of an area or direct the movement of people and vehicles. However, a barrier in many cases is a permanent fixture that can only be used in a specific way. For business managers and events organisers, this may not be an option, and a different solution is required. This is where expandable barriers come in and offer a variety of solutions to solve crowd control problems.

The Evolution of the Barrier

In the past, we became very used to the sight of the heavy duty galvanised steel barrier at many events and protest marches. Occasionally, you will still these barriers in use, and they are typically connected together to form larger barriers. They have fallen out of favour in recent years for a wide variety of reasons. They are hard to store, cumbersome to set up, have low visibility and they are easy to take apart and use as weapons in a riot situation. This failure has seen the rise of a new type of expandable barrier that is easier to use and far more effective.

The Plastic Expandable Barrier

A plastic barrier can quickly be deployed by a small number of workers with no specialised tools and no training. They are made of high impact plastic that will not crack or distort in the hot summer months that we experience here in Perth. Because they are made of plastic, an expandable barrier can be made in a wide variety of colours that won’t fade in sunlight. This makes them a great choice for increasing visibility, perhaps in an area where temporary road work is being carried out near to a pedestrian walkway.

Deploying the Expandable Barrier

The plastic barrier is stackable, lightweight and easy to store at your site or another location. When the barrier is deployed, they can be locked together to form a useful barrier type of wall for restricting access and improving safety. Although they are made of plastic, they can be filled with sand or water to make them much tougher. When the temporary event is over, they are easy to remove, and the site can be quickly cleared. When compared to the alternatives, plastic expandable barriers are a very affordable option that does not compromise safety.

If you’re interested in expandable safety barriers, contact us here at Image Bollards. We supply and install a wide selection of safety and security equipment, including an expandable safety barrier. All of our product range is manufactured to high standards and are fully compliant with all Australian rules and regulations. Our sales team is anticipating discussing your needs in greater detail, and they can answer any further questions that you have.