Choosing the Ideal Security Bollards for Your Location

Security bollards are both a visual and a physical barrier to protect the perimeter of your property. When you see these types of bollards in Perth, you will quickly notice that they are available in a wide variety of shapes, designs, and sizes to meet different needs. If you need bollards at your site, the sheer number of choices available can make it difficult to make a final decision. In this article, we will take a closer look at bollards and how to choose the right one to meet the needs of your location.

Security Bollards

Some Basic Considerations

A perimeter barrier should offer more than simple impact protection from vehicles. A well-planned perimeter should be easy for visitors to negotiate and have a minimum of clutter. The best thing about a line of bollards arranged in series is that it will restrict vehicles and not the flow of pedestrians. Each location has differing needs, and there will be risk factors to consider. However, using security bollards is an effective way to control access, improve security, and even improve the aesthetic appeal.

Evaluating Your Security Needs

When security barriers of any type are installed, they represent a psychological and physical deterrent to any person considering an unauthorised entry. However, when you plan for effective security and safety at a location, it’s important to assess all of the vulnerabilities. Take some time to consider what needs protection, evaluate the possible risks, and pay close attention to the most vulnerable areas.

6 Key Threats to Consider

An errant or deliberately driven vehicle can cause a great deal of damage to a building. There is also a risk to the occupants and passing pedestrians of sustaining a serious injury. So, it’s important to think about the surrounding traffic environment and how that may affect the building and people in the area. Here are six key threats to consider when planning how to deploy security bollards.

Access and Proximity: Do vehicles need access to pass through your perimeter? Does traffic pass in close proximity to the building? When you look at access and proximity issues, don’t forget parking spaces, adjacent public streets, and onsite roads.

Vehicle Speed: Speed is a very important factor in a vehicle-related accident or intentional collision. When a vehicle is travelling at higher speed, the driver’s reaction time is reduced, and it’s harder to stop. A vehicle travelling at speed has more momentum, and this will increase the potential for damage.

Traffic Frequency: Is the building located in a high traffic area? If there are more vehicles in the area, the likelihood of a traffic accident is increased.

Traffic Types: If the location is in an area where only scooters, cars and other light vehicles can gain access, the needs will be different from an area where a lot of trucks are in use. Vehicle mass plays a large role in the amount of potential damage that a vehicle can cause during a collision.

Driving Behaviour: Is your building located in an area where drivers could be easily distracted or rushed? This can even be a seasonal situation such as a popular restaurant in a crowded tourist area.

The Orientation: The orientation of your building and the surrounding roads can play a part in the risk assessment. If traffic flows along a building edge or past a storefront entrance and display window, then this is a significant risk. If your building is located at the bottom of an incline with traffic coming towards the building, this could put the location at risk from a braking failure. Even a simple nose in parking bay along a storefront can be a risk if the driver leaves the car in gear and then it lurches onto the pavement when they start up again.

Preventing Crime

A set of basic safety bollards will offer no protection against vehicular crime such as ram raiding. This is still a major threat; the thieves crash a vehicle through a store window to gain access and then threaten employees or grab what they can before making their getaway. If the crime occurs when the store is open, employees and shoppers can be seriously hurt or killed. In terms of property damage the results of this criminal activity can be devastating, and many businesses never fully recover.

Deterring Terrorism

High profile buildings where large numbers of people work or live could be targeted by terrorists. This is equally true for local or state government buildings located in dense urban environments. Using a larger vehicle to ram into a building and perhaps following up with the detonation of an explosive device has become a common terrorist tactic in recent years. Establishing a strong perimeter with security bollards is an effective way to mitigate the damage caused by the initial ramming by the vehicle. This will prevent the vehicle from reaching the building, and it will keep it further out of the blast radius if an explosive device is detonated.

2 Security Bollard Types

As we mentioned above, security bollards are available in a wide variety of designs, styles, and sizes. However, broadly speaking, you could break them down into two main types and make further choices within those groups. Essentially, you can choose between crash rated security bollards and un-crash rated security bollards.

Crash Rated Security Bollards

These are ideal for high-security applications; these types of bollards are tested to ensure that they are strong enough to fill this role. When they are installed in series, they present a significant barrier to a speeding vehicle collision. The best security bollards will cost more, but they offer unparalleled protection for your building. Other features could be added, such as automatic deployment and retractibility if desired. A certain level of ongoing maintenance will be needed to keep the bollards in the best operational condition.

Un-crash Rated Security Bollards

These are cost effective solution for lower risk locations that need a basic type of impact protection. A basic steel pìpe security bollard can still represent a significant barrier when installed in series because each bollard will add together to diminish the kinetic force directed against them.

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