Should You Consider Concrete Wheel Stops?

If you are planning your site, you may have considered concrete wheel stops for sale. Wheel stops or parking blocks can help to keep any delicate landscape areas, pedestrian walkways, and buildings safe from vehicle intrusion. Wheel stops are designed to stop a vehicle from parking too deep in a parking space and can provide additional traffic control in parking areas. Since the concrete wheel stops price tends to be more economical compared to other materials, they are an attractive option, but are they the right choice for your site?

The Benefits of Rubber Wheel Stops:

These days concrete seems to have fallen out of favour, with many property owners opting for rubber instead. Rubber does have some distinct advantages over concrete including lower transportation and installation costs. Since rubber weighs less than concrete, it is easier to move into place, without a need for a forklift operator to move it into position.

rubber wheel stops

The Advantages of Concrete Wheel Stops:

Although rubber wheel stops do have some advantages, there are still some reasons why you may prefer to choose concrete. Concrete can be very durable and doesn’t require very much maintenance. While salt deicers and snow plows can cause damage to concrete wheel stops, Perth climate conditions mean that these issues are not usually a problem for us. While concrete can be damaged if it is hit by a large vehicle, it is generally very durable and can keep your premises looking neat and well maintained.

Additionally, although cost should never be the only consideration, it is usually a major factor when assessing a purchase decision. Concrete wheel stops for sale are generally far cheaper than other materials. So, they provide a more budget friendly option for businesses who are keenly watching their bottom line.

Making the Right Choice:

Concrete has been a popular choice for traffic calming measures for many years. While other materials have seen a boost in popularity in recent years, concrete is still a solid choice for those looking for a durable yet budget friendly option.

If you are still unsure about whether concrete wheel stops for sale are the best option for your business, you should consult your planning expert or contractor. You may need professional guidance for planning your exterior layout, and an experienced professional can guide you through the available options to help determine the best choice for your particular needs.

Before you buy concrete wheel stops, Perth property owners should speak to us. We offer a massive choice of products including rubber and concrete wheel stops for sale. The Image Extra team is ready to discuss concrete wheel stops price deals, specifications, and benefits. We would be delighted to help you determine the option best suited to your particular requirements.