Controlling Temporary Access with Expanding Barriers

There are a number of reasons that a property manager or event organiser would need to restrict access to an area. An expandable barrier is an ideal way to do this as it is portable, easy to deploy and effective. The area can be made safer, and access can be controlled until a more permanent solution is ready, or the need has passed. Let’s take a closer look at some of the situations where this could be beneficial.


Anyone that has worked in a warehouse can appreciate how dangerous it can be. This is bad enough for experienced staff, but if you have visitors or have a trade counter the danger level rises. Many warehouses close off areas using tape or signs, but this offers a poor deterrent. An expandable barrier is a great way to quickly close off an aisle where a forklift is operating or where there is a risk of falling stored items.

Hotels and Hospitality Providers

It can be difficult to control large public areas in hotels and at other hospitality venues. If you have some renovations occurring and want to block off part of the property a barrier can really help. If a special event is being held within a hotel, it may be necessary to restrict access to a select group. Many businesses resort to using signs or even a rope to achieve this, but a barrier is a better solution. If temporary events occur on a fairly regular basis, it should be noted that expandable barriers fold down and are very easy to store.

Stores and Supermarkets

A busy retail operation could have thousands of people passing through the doors on a daily basis. Keeping these customers safe when activities, such as building, stock takes, cleaning and emergencies are occurring is important. Using these barriers, you can screen off selected aisles from adults and children effectively. This can all be achieved while allowing easy access to staff and workers to continue working.

Traffic Control

It may be necessary to control access on a private road or to a car park. Obviously, for a more permanent solution bollards and other equipment should be used. However, for more temporary control when work is being carried out or if certain vehicles need to be directed safely away a barrier is ideal. Expandable barriers are easy to deploy quickly, they can be set up by a single person, and they collapse making them easy to store.

If you’re a property manager or event organiser that is interested in an expandable safety barrier system, contact us. Here at Image Bollards, we have an extensive range of security and safety equipment available, including expanding barriers. All of our product range is manufactured to be compliant with to Australian standards. If you have any further questions, we would be happy to answer them and discuss your needs in greater detail.