3 Top Tips for Setting Up Crowd Control Barriers

When they think about crowd control barriers for sale, many event organisers give little thought about how to use them. In fact, the barriers are only a part of the overall strategy to safely control a successful event. An unorganised crowd can causes many injuries and lack of essential control during the event. The person in charge of the event, may need to consider hiring a crowd controller to effectively manage the crowd. The barriers will help you to physically control the crowd, but only if they are deployed correctly and as part of a larger well thought out plan. Let’s take a look at three top tips that you can use during your next organised event.

Management is Key

Whenever an event is organised, it’s a good idea to expect to draw a large crowd and prepare for that accordingly. It’s always to be better prepared rather than under prepared and caught off guard. The number of attendees will always be the key factor in how you prepare for your event. Try to figure out the best number that you can and this will help you to plan how many crowd control barriers you will need. Older steel barriers can be used, but they are less effective and harder to use than modern plastic fencing systems. These are easy to transport and deploy with a minimum of staff. If you need extra strength, many of these systems have posts that can be filled with water or sand.

Hire Crowd Management Specialists

A large crowd can always push on and pull down any kind of barrier. This is why well trained staff that know how to handle a crowd are essential. A person should always be situated on the front line and another will be need at the rear. For busier events, at least one more person may be needed for the middle of the line as well. Another person to tour the crowd and answer their queries is a smart move to diffuse tension. People that receive guidance are far more compliant and willing to be patient.

Keep the Crowd Updated

It’s important that someone establishes authority and communicates with the crowd. If the event has been delayed, the crowd need to know as soon as possible. This will stop the crowd from becoming restless and belligerent towards you and your staff.

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