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Bollards to protect your pride and joy? Sleep easier, AND save money on insurance.

Retractable Bollards

You’ve just been handed over a hefty chunk of change and received the keys to your new ride. 

It’s a 90’s JDM icon pushing over 250kw to all four wheels from the factory (or a 2020 911 Carrera S if that’s more your thing). 

You’ve paid the registration, insurance and you’ve got a garage. What could possibly go wrong? Last year almost 1 vehicle was stolen every hour in Western Australia. 

That’s pretty worrying if you’re feeling even slightly precious about your car. It’s not just the car itself that costs an arm and a leg, it’s also the insurance you’re forking out each year to have peace of mind while it sits there in your garage, or let alone your driveway. So what is the solution here? Just fork out for more insurance? Deny yourself the pleasure of a steal-worthy car? The answer is luckily much simpler than that. Here’s how bollards can help:

Bollards: a practical solution  

Put simply, a thief won’t be able to drive your car away if there’s a bollard to stop him. Chances are they’ll steer clear altogether because, without the allure of actually stealing the car, the whole criminal exercise becomes…well… a bit dull?

If bollards could speak they’d be saying: ‘Hey mate. Don’t even try.’

What do you think when you see a shiny steel bollard? They’re not exactly the sort of object that invites deviant behaviour. There’s a reason car dealerships around the country use them to protect hundreds of unsold cars in open environments. Unless your hooded nemesis uses a crane to steal your car, expect the bollard to do its job. 

Not just any bollard. 

Getting the right bollard to protect your car is important. An in-ground, retractable bollard will deter any potential vehicle theft. Being strong and capable of withstanding a ram raid, this is the sort of strength and durability you want protecting your pride and joy. Whether it’s one of our trusted Okal Sentry Retractable Bollards, a premium Automatic Heavy Duty Bollard, or a Garage Bollard, you can be sure of one thing: your car will be safe. 

You’re in control 

Not only are they crash-tested, but they’re also easy to operate, with you, and you alone, having access to the key and controls. Unlike garages that can be broken into or opened with a mere push, bollards are designed to be secure and safe and easily controlled by the owner. 

No garage? No problem 

Worried because your new car looks so good it’s basically asking to be stolen? If you’re without a garage then this feeling can keep anyone up at night. Luckily retractable bollards offer an easy, fail-safe solution to your car security needs, no matter your garage situation. Maybe you’re one of those people who think the garage is more of a storage shed, either way, installing a bollard is the easiest way of ensuring your car is as safe as possible. 

Home or office – your car is safe

With universal applicability, there’s nowhere your car needn’t be completely safe and secure. If you’re at work more often than not and need double security for your vehicle, why not cover all your bases and ensure your car is safe wherever you go.

And saving money too?

Don’t act too surprised when you hear this: you could save hundreds of dollars on your yearly insurance premium by installing a domestic bollard. Ok, and how does that work exactly?

It’s all about lowering your premium

Think about that insurance premium, hacking away at your bank account every year. When it comes to insurance, we don’t just pay for protection against potential accidents on the freeway, we’re also paying for potential break-ins and motor vehicle theft. Depending on your policy, you could save hundreds. Normally you’d be looking at package deals like a third party fire and theft policy, and tailoring that policy to your needs is easily done online or in person. 

Let your bollard save you money 

Building your insurance policy around the fact that your retractable bollard will essentially prevent any theft from your property, is a great way of winding down your yearly premiums. 

Never claim for theft again

It’s not just money you’re saving by installing a bollard and shedding that insurance fee. It’s also the daunting task of claiming if the unthinkable happens. We all know what it’s like to deal with insurance companies and heard the stories of woe when something just doesn’t add up. It’s all fine up until something actually happens. With a bollard, you’re preventing that something from happening in the first place.

Double Protection 

Getting a bollard to protect your car won’t just lower your premium and prevent theft, it’ll work to protect your entire driveway, garden, and house from potential rogue drivers or accidents. Installing retractable bollards at your home will protect not just your beloved car, it’ll also work to keep the rest of your driveway intact. 

Ok. Sign me up.

If you can see yourself benefiting from security & safety bollards at your home or workplace, get in touch with Image Extra and find out how much you could save every year. With a one-off payment and a simple installation process, you can have peace of mind knowing your car will be exactly where you left it. Don’t wait until your car gets stolen to do the right thing. 

Image Extra is the leading bollard supplier in Perth. With decades of experience, we pride ourselves in “Protecting Your Business”.