Increase your business by investing in bike racks

If you’ve ever thought about installing bike racks in Perth to increase your business, you may already be aware of the potential benefits. For the uninitiated, bike racks are a great way to provide a service to the cycling community and attract a new demographic to your eatery. Many cyclists, cycle to their favourite cafes and meet their friends there for a bite to eat and a drink. Smart business owners can tap into an entirely new customer base by installing bike parking at their business; let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon.

Bike Racks in Perth

Potential Business Cycling Past

If you look around your community, it’s likely that you will notice that there are more cyclists around than there used to be. Cycling has really taken off in recent years as a way to exercise more effectively and as a means of alternative transport. Many cyclists have a passion for the environment, and you may hear them using the phrase “burn fat and not oil” in reference to choosing cycling over driving a car. If your local rival eatery has bike racks installed for their customers and you don’t a great deal of business could be cycling past your premises every day.

Cyclists Tend to Travel in Packs

If you see cyclists out and about on the road, it’s likely that they are travelling together in groups. This is a mutual support network; cyclists like to compare times and compete with each other to get the best results. This is also a great way to look out for fellow cyclists in the event of an accident of a flat tyre. This also means that if you have bike racks available for parking, you will be attracting multiple potential customers at the same time. This is a great way to fill your eatery throughout the day as new waves of cyclists arrive, eat and leave.

Cyclists Need Snacks and Coffee

One thing that cyclists are really great at is burning calories, and they need plenty of energy to keep going. This means that they need access to drinks, coffee and plenty of snacks to keep their energy levels high. If you haven’t tapped into this type of market before you may be missing out on a tremendous opportunity to create some cycling friendly menu options. Even adding a cooled vending machine for drinks near the bike rack area will bring in an additional revenue stream.

Bike Rack Considerations

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of why you should consider installing a bike rack at your cafe or restaurant. This will give local cyclists an incentive to park at your place of business and visit you for a drink and/or meal. The cyclist gets a safer and more convenient location to park their bike while they are in your establishment. It also makes the surrounding area safer for non cycling customers as they won’t have to navigate around obstructions created by badly parked bikes.

If you’re interested in installing bike racks at your location, contact Image Extra for expert help and advice.