3 Factors to Consider When Installing Security Bollards

Installing a bollard security and traffic system on your property is a sure way to improve safety and security. They are an ideal way to offer additional protection for pedestrian areas and direct the flow of traffic away from your limited access and restricted locations. However, like many pieces of safety and security equipment, there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account before you make a decision. Here are three factors that you need to consider before you choose and install your new security bollards.

Do You Need Permanent or Temporary Access?

There may be areas on your property that need to be accessed only at certain times of the day. Conversely, this may not be an issue at all, and you need a permanent security bollard that will never need to be moved. Understanding which of these positions is the most relevant to your needs is the first key factor in choosing your bollards. Fixed posts are better for permanent restriction, and collapsible or removable bollards add flexibility. Removable posts can be taken away and stacked when they are not needed, and collapsible bollards can be folded flat enough to allow a vehicle to drive over them.

What is the Level of Security Risk?

If the level of security risk in your chosen field or geographical area is higher, you may need heavy duty protection. The best kind of asset protection would be a heavy duty bollard that is fixed permanently in place. A couple of typical applications would be a glass storefront that is vulnerable to ram raiding and a government building that could be targeted by terrorism. A heavy duty bollard could be made from steel, or cast iron and a variety of styles are available to suit the protected property. If the level of security risk is significantly lower, a less robust removable bollard may suffice, and this could provide additional flexibility.

How Tight is Your Budget?

If your budget is tight, it may be necessary to consider the bollard choices and the appropriate installation options. The best way to bring a budget under control is to establish where the bollards are essential and concentrate efforts there. When priorities are established, it may be possible to have the best security bollards where you need them most and have other posts for different areas. In this way, you can still get a decent security post system and still have some removable bollards flexibility if you need it.

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