4 Tips for Choosing Access Gates: Australia Considerations

An access gate is a great way to control vehicular access to an industrial or commercial property. The access of vehicles and personnel can be easily controlled, and many companies have already invested in them to increase security. There are many different types of access gates to choose from to suit all kinds of needs. Finding the right access gate to suit your particular circumstances can be a challenge. It’s always a good idea to seek advice from a professional, but here are four tips that will help to find the right access gate to fit your requirements.

Consider the Application

Before you buy an access gate, give some consideration to where it will be installed and how it will be operated. Is the access gate automatic or will it be operated manually? A lesser used side road may only need a simple manual barrier that needs to be opened and closed at certain times of the day. A busier entrance for vehicles may need an automatic boom style of access gate that is easier to use for employees, visitors, and clients.

The Frequency of Operation

We’ve already touched on this, but you need to be aware of the duty cycle of the access gate. If the area has higher levels of traffic, a more robust heavy duty access gate may be required. There are many grades of automatic boom access gates available to suit different needs, and further research will be required.

The Size of the Access Gate

There are different sizes of access gate available to suit the sizes of a variety of openings. A heavy duty access gate could be used on openings up to 12 metres wide and smaller openings of 4 metres. The size of the access road and the vehicles that use it will need to be considered. An access gate is useless if vehicles can simply drive around it and gain unauthorised access.

The Feature Set

Aside from the basic functionality, an access gate can have other features that you may need. Modern access gates can have a battery backup to ensure operation during a power failure, which is handy in an emergency. You may want to add sensitive edges to protect user vehicles, there are also photoelectric cells and flashing devices to add visibility and functionality.

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