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How to keep your gas meter safe and secure, and protected from accidental damage

Gas Meter Protection

Ever backed into a parking space and noticed an assortment of metal pipes or what looks like a mini-fire hydrant in your rearview? It’s called a gas meter. And accidentally hitting it wouldn’t just be bad news for your rear bumper. These things can explode. Literally. Naturally, as a business owner or property manager, you’re going to want to keep this guy protected. Gas meter protection isn’t just about mitigating against potential damage, it’s about keeping your property and customers, and daily traffic safe and secure. 

Ok. Point taken. So who should we call to take care of this important task?

Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your gas meter protected.

What’s the risk here?

Let’s be honest: we’ve all been in a hurry and accidentally nipped the car parked behind us. It happens to the best of us. While nudging another car is relatively harmless, were you to accidentally nudge a gas meter – your insurance statement would look very different. Investing in gas meter protection -means mitigating against potential rogue cars and all the bad parkers prowling our streets.

The solution is simple

There are various gas meter protection options available for those wanting peace of mind around their office or business. From cover boxes to warning tape, many ‘soft’ solutions aim to increase visibility and reduce the chances of someone bumping your gas meter. None is more effective than using a bollard protection system. Here’s how that works.

Prevention, not mitigation 

When it comes to protecting important assets and the safety of clients and customers, it’s important to look at solutions that will work over the long term. Installing a sign, or reflective tape around the gas meter is only mitigating against the risk. An in-ground bollard is the most secure way of protecting the gas meter by providing a solid and visible barrier – meaning cars couldn’t touch it even if they wanted to. 

What makes a dual bollard system work?

From the materials used to the installation process and placement, expect a secure and lasting solution to your gas meter protection needs. Here’s what makes this solution work:

  • In-ground bollards aim to protect against rogue cars and are designed to stop ram raids. With concrete foundations in the ground beneath, they are the ultimate protection your gas meter needs. 
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel surfaces means you’re getting a robust coating – not just providing protection for what’s behind, but ensuring the structural integrity of the bollards themselves. 
  • Red reflector strip and a range of colour options to complement the surrounding environment and provide increased visibility – ensuring your gas meter is properly marked and secure at all times.

How many do I need?

This depends entirely on how exposed your gas meter is to potential risks. Other environmental factors like the angle of exposure, the proximity to active car parks, or traffic areas will also determine how many bollards you’ll need to be on the safe side. Generally, two bollards placed equidistant apart and with strategic distance from the gas meter will suffice. If your gas meter happens to be located in a high traffic area with a high risk of damage, you’ll want to make sure every possible angle is protected. Talk to the specialists at Image Extra to find out what solution will work best for you.

Where do I get these bollards?

Getting your hands on the right bollards can be difficult. You’ll want to ensure the quality of materials is high and even ask your insurance company for details on minimum requirements. However, getting insurance company vetting can be a difficult and lengthy process. At Image Extra, we stock a variety of insurance company recommended bollards, including the galvanised steel boards that are ideal for gas meter protection. Reach out online or call us and get a quote based on your situation and needs. We understand everyone’s needs are different when it comes to protecting important connections and assets on your premises. We are more than happy to work with you to find the right solution. 

How to install them?

Installation of bollards for gas meter protection isn’t as simple as installing domestic bollards partly due to the complexities and potential risks of rupturing a pipeline or damaging important equipment in the process. Unless you’re a contractor we recommend hiring a professional team for a seamless and fast installation. For full-service installation, Image Extra has an experienced team ready to respond and implement a lasting solution to your gas meter protection needs. 

Protect your gas meter today

Need a set of bollards to protect your gas meter? Don’t waste time. Get in contact with the team at Image Extra today and we’ll be happy to talk through our range and possible solutions. 


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