The Pros and Cons of Plastic Bollards

There are many reasons why removable plastic bollards are preferable to traditional concrete or metal models. However, there are some instances where this type of bollard may not be the right choice. So, here we will explore both the pros and cons, so you can have the details you need to make an informed choice.

Eco Friendly:

While plastic may not be the greenest material on the planet, it is possible to purchase recycled plastic bollards. This means that you can lessen the environmental impact of your bollards that is far more eco friendly compared to concrete or some other materials.


Removable plastic bollards are designed to be lightweight, and this makes them remarkably flexible. This means that there is no need to be tied down to a permanent location for your bollards. They can simply be moved and placed where needed. All you need to do is move the plastic bollards to your chosen location and fill them with sand or water to ensure that they are stable.

Lower Costs:

Not only are plastic bollards cheaper to purchase, but the lightweight nature of the product means that there are no excessive transport or labour costs that are associated with other materials. Additionally, since plastic is very durable, there are minimal costs associated with maintenance. For example, while steel bollards are attractive, they can require some care to look their best. Concrete can also wear over time, requiring periodic repairs.

Colour Variations:

Plastic bollards are available in a myriad of colours, which allows them to stand out and be highly visible. Visibility is an important feature when you are concerned about site safety, so you can make your choice from a range of luminous colours that won’t fade even when they are exposed to prolonged time in the sunny climate here in Perth.

The Cons:

While all of the above points highlight what a great product the plastic bollard is, it is not always appropriate for every situation. The disadvantages of plastic bollards are that they lack the strength of many other materials. While concrete or metal bollards can withstand the impact of a vehicle, this level of protection is not offered with plastic bollards. This means that if you want bollards in an area where large vehicles are operating, you may prefer the reassurance of a stronger material.

Plastic bollards also lack the aesthetic appeal of some metal bollards. It is possible to install metal models that are not only strong but look attractive. So, if you want to maintain the aesthetics of your space, plastic may not be the right choice.

Before you buy plastic bollards, Perth consumers should speak to us. We have a wide range of products including plastic bollards and removable plastic bollards. The Image Extra team is also ready and on hand to answer any queries to help you choose the product best suited to your particular needs.