Are Speed Humps Actually Effective?

Speed is considered to be a major factor in many vehicle accidents. The speed in which the vehicle is travelling affects both the risk and severity. As you are moving faster, there is less time to respond to any changes in road conditions and a resulting collision will cause more damage. One traffic calming tool that is often implemented to combat this is speed hump installation. When it comes to speed humps, Perth drivers often view this obstacle as a pain, but are they actually effective?

The Speed Hump Basics:

Speed humps are a modular system that can span the whole width of a road. This reduces the jolt felt by drivers compared to a conventional speed bump. A vehicle can safely maintain a speed of 20 to 25 kilometres per hour, with no need for a full stop. Speed humps have been shown to reduce speed in most vehicles by approximately 40 percent. This provides an excellent deterrent against excessive speed and translates into fewer traffic accidents. Additionally, the results of the speed humps don’t revert over time. While other traffic calming measures such as a “slow” sign loses efficacy with age, speed humps maintain a reduction in speed and traffic volume long after drivers have become familiar with their presence.

What About Damage to Vehicles?

If you are considering speed hump installation at your site, you may worry about whether there is a risk of damage to vehicles. Although there is a potential for damage to the undercarriage of vehicles, there are several methods to mitigate this. When you are planning your speed hump installation, you will need to consider the placement, material, and visibility of your speed humps. For example, plastic or rubber speed humps have been shown to cause less damage to a vehicle compared to concrete or metal. While rubber compresses under impact, metal or concrete lacks this flexibility. Additionally, plastic and rubber humps tend to be brightly coloured, so drivers are better able to see and anticipate the speed hump.

What About Emergency Situations?

Many property owners have concerns about speed hump installation, as they worry about emergency situations. Whether there is a medical situation, fire or other emergency, speed is everything, and emergency vehicles need to get to the issue as quickly as possible. Fortunately, the correct placement of speed humps will not impede emergency vehicles at all.

If you are considering speed humps, Perth property owners should speak to us. We have an impressive range of products including speed humps and can assist you with your speed hump installation. A member of the Image Extra team would be delighted to discuss your requirements and help you to choose the product best suited to your particular needs.