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Wheel Stops vs Bollards – Which One Should I Install in my Car Park

Wheel Stops vs Bollards

Ensuring people’s safety in a car park can be a difficult task. With moving vehicles, pedestrians – not to mention the general atmosphere of stress that comes with finding the car park, creating a smooth traffic flow presents a challenge even to the smallest of car parks out there. 


Wheel stops and car park bollards are two highly effective ways of introducing some order and safety into a car park – no matter the capacity. While at first glance both might seem to be doing similar things, wheel stops and bollards are actually two very different solutions when it comes to car park safety.

So which one of these is right for me?

Here’s everything you need to know. 

Wheel Stops 

Wheel stops play many roles in a car park. You’ll notice them lining the barriers between car parks, conveniently placed at the head of parking bays separating out adjacent lots. 

Bringing order to chaos 

Wheel stops aren’t just for stopping a car from rolling forwards. They also serve as crucial parking barriers that prevent one car from encroaching into the opposite parking spot. As such, they serve to provide order and structure to a car park. 

Preventing low speed accidents 

Wheel stops can also prevent vehicles from bumping into a hard curb, or bollard – by stopping the wheels from moving further, the front of the car is spared the dent. 

Improve Traffic Flow

Wheel stops can provide effective solutions to car park traffic flow management – by stopping cars from going rogue and dashing across other parking spots, wheel stops ensure cars stay within their lane and keep moving in the right direction without stopping the traffic flow.

Types of Wheel Stops

Depending on your parking layout, there are multiple different kinds of wheel stops available to choose from:

For more information on how to choose the best type of wheel stops for your parking needs, read our blog on Installation Guide for Wheel Stops in your parking lot.

Car park bollards

Bollards can be found almost everywhere in the city or town centres. Rather than stop cars from rolling over a mark, car park bollards provide a vertical and almost impenetrable barrier to deter and stop cars from moving at higher speeds, thus protecting pedestrians, other vehicles, or property. Many different kinds of bollards exist – for multiple different purposes, safety in car parks can warrant a few different kinds of bollard, for example:

Types of Parking Bollard

Here are some different kinds of bollards that aim to provide different safety solutions within a car park:

1. Permanent Bollards 

These are usually heavy-duty or stainless steel bollards that will resist the force of a vehicle moving at high speeds – and can protect against property damage, or in the case of heavy-duty bollards a ram raid. 

2. Retractable Bollards 

If you want to manage accessibility, while also providing a level of safety, retractable bollards can provide a more seamless traffic flow – with qualified drivers remaining in their car as the board is lowered for vehicle access. If you have reserved parking bays for delivery drivers – you may want to consider installing a retractable bollard. 

3. In-ground Safety Bollards 

For everyday safety and protection, an in-ground safety bollard will be sufficient in preventing vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to property damage. 

4. Fold-down parking bollards 

As an alternative to retractable bollards, fold-down parking bollards are a simple way of securing individual parking spots or managing traffic flow through certain areas of your car park. With easy installation, fold-down bollards can be raised and lowered on demand.

5. Removable Bollards

For a lightweight and temporary solution to a traffic flow issue, removable bollards are a cheap and easy way to divert traffic while construction, special events, or other extraordinary events are happening.

6. Cast Iron Bollards

Sometimes it’s not just safety that counts. Having stylish bollards adds to the architectural design of a parking space, with a cast iron bollard, this can easily be achieved with its shapely and prestigious look.

Are bollards or wheel stops better for car park safety?

The answer depends on three main points:

  1. Car park layout and size – is it flat and open, one way or multilane? Often open-air car parks around shopping centres will benefit from wheel stops rather than bollards, with little or no surrounding property or walls to crash into, however, bollards may be needed to protect pedestrian and wheelchair access points.
  2. Property, critical assets, or structures – anything that might need protection (eg utilities) will benefit from bollard protection
  3. Kinds of vehicles us using the car park – if you’ve got large delivery trucks coming in daily, you might want more than just wheel stops to protect the side of your building.

Finding the balance 

In many ways, wheel stops and bollards work together to create a safe and secure parking environment for all vehicles and pedestrians. Using a combination wherever necessary in your parking lot can make a huge difference to the way your car park operates. 

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