Expandable Safety Barriers and their uses

If you’ve been to a large outdoor sporting event or a concert, you may have seen safety barriers used to control crowds. These hard stackable steel barriers are overkill for many situations, and they are not the only type of safety barrier available. Many businesses need expandable safety barriers that are lighter, more portable, versatile and easy to use. These types of barriers can be used in a number of ways in a variety of different areas, let’s take a look at some typical applications.

Expandable Safety barrier

1. A Retail or Commercial Area

If you run a retail or commercial outlet, you will know that there are occasions when it’s necessary to restrict access to certain areas. Expandable safety barriers are a great way to close off an area for essential maintenance, cleaning, and stock taking. Because the safety barrier is expandable, it can be set up to bar entry at the width that you need. However, there are smaller and larger barriers available if you need them for a specific purpose. Keeping the public and employees out of areas where they could be hurt or disrupt operations is a great way to keep everyone safe.

2. Creating a Division or Line

Any type of barrier is primarily used to promote safety and restricting access is a secondary concern. When you have an area where you’re expecting a lot of foot traffic and your planning has shown that a queue will be needed expandable barriers can help. They are quick to set up by a single person, and a line can be created with minimum fuss if required. This is useful at sale events, busier dining periods at a restaurant or when lines are needed to purchase tickets for an event. Safety barriers cannot replace a static security fence, but they may be sufficient if you have a calmer crowd and some onsite security to deal with any problems.

4. Offices and Storage Units

An expandable safety barrier can be used in these areas in a similar way to a retail or commercial area shown above. However, when you have an entire office building or a large storage unit, expandable barriers will be even more useful. Any extensive maintenance work to escalators and lifts will require a barrier to bar access. Security can be improved at times of elevated threat levels with safety barriers used to help in forming queues to screen visitors. If your building is under restoration, but certain floors are still being used a safety barrier can help to make the distinction easier. A public toilet can be temporarily blocked for maintenance and daily cleaning, and this will help to avoid slipping related injuries.

5. Schools and Colleges

Kids, especially younger ones, are prone to making a lot of mess and any educational establishment will need regular cleaning and mopping. The great thing about expandable barriers is that they fold and they are easy to store in the building. They are light to lift and move into place, and once they are expanded, they provide a barrier for cleaning and carrying out maintenance.

If you’re interested in using expandable safety barriers in your business, contact Image Extra for expert help and advice.