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Why You Should Never Think Twice On Getting Wheel Stops

We seldom pay them attention, but wheel stops are integral to every parking space. Going by their name, wheel stops “stop” car wheels from going beyond their designated parking slot. In every parking area, boundaries set by wheel stops greatly help in maximising space, improving traffic, and most of all, ensuring safety. 

It is therefore unnecessary to think twice when looking to get wheel stops. If you value safety and convenience, they are, without a doubt, a huge necessity. Whether you’re looking for concrete or rubber wheel stops in Perth, you’ll definitely get the best deals here at Image Bollards. Now, let’s single out their most important benefits and why you really need them for your residential, commercial, or industrial parking space. 

  • Serve as car blocks on uneven surfaces

Aside from their use in flat and concreted areas, wheel stops are a huge help in several sloped or uneven landscapes that are quite common in Australia. They can provide and maintain a strategic distance between vehicles and keep them from possibly rolling off and cause accidents, especially in recreational parks frequented by children. 

  • Assist with residential parking

It can get quite challenging driving into your garage at times, especially if you have limited space. You don’t want to have to deal with the daily hassle of trying to spot for good clearance especially when you’re reverse driving into your garage. By installing wheel stops, you’ll be able to steer your vehicle more confidently, knowing that you have a tool to signal you to stop as needed. Also if you have a driveway on a slope, wheel stops will ensure that your vehicle stays on its spot. 

  • Help improve safety and traffic in commercial areas

Managing vehicle traffic and parking in commercial areas is made less difficult with wheel stops, not to mention their importance for pedestrian safety as well. Overparking can be a problem in most commercial spaces, so to prevent this, wheel stops are to your rescue. Wheel stops also make sure that a safe distance is maintained between one vehicle from another, between parking lots and walkways, and between designated parking spaces and storefronts. This helps prevent any further damages and injuries whenever vehicular collisions do occur. 

  • Inexpensive and easy to maintain

Wheel stops are a cost-effective solution to regulate traffic, and they don’t need hard maintenance. In fact, they don’t need regular maintenance at all. They are made durably and will definitely last you for years, so you’re assured that you get the most of your investment.  They can withstand varying weather conditions and are highly resistant to wear and tear brought by outside elements.

  • Easy to install

Another good thing with wheel stops is that they are fast and easy to install. They don’t require much labor from your provider, and you even have the option to use them either as a permanent or temporary solution. Thinking of finally getting concrete or rubber wheel stops in Perth for your space? Visit us at Image Bollards now, and view our wide range of top-quality wheel stops for your parking needs. 


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