Blade Runner One Way Access Control Speed Hump

Blade Runner One Way Access Control Speed Hump

A one-way access control system allowing access in one direction only thereby deterring wrong way traffic or unauthorised entry/exit.

Each ‘Blade Runner’ module has independently retracting teeth. When a vehicle approaches from the correct direction the teeth simply retract allowing the vehicle to pass freely. When approached from an unauthorised direction, the teeth lock up denying access and risking almost certain Tyre damage.

The ‘Blade Runner’ is available in 1000mm modules and 500mm modules together with end caps. Each module is finished in high visibility lime green powder coat and includes an ultra low profile construction to ensure adequate vehicle clearance.


  • High Visibility Green
  • High Visibility Orange Spikes


  • 1000mm x 380mm x 50mm
  • 500mm x 380mm x 50mm

BRS1000 – Blade Runner 1000mm
BRS500 – Blade Runner 500mm
BRSE – Blade Runner End Caps (pair)