Dugite Rubber Speed Hump

Dugite Rubber Speed Hump (250mm Sections)

For safety reasons it is often imperative to reduce the speed of vehicles to help protect both people and property. Speed humps are an economical option and absorb the vehicle noise, relieving tenants in office buildings from the constant clanging of vehicles going over steel speed humps. Rubber Speed Humps are soft and flexible making them easy to pull down to uneven surfaces, this allows for a smoother ride. Ideal for installing in underground car parks due to absorbing vehicle noise. Economical and easy to install.


  •  Flexible rubber
  •  Economical
  •  Easy to Install
  •  Complies with AS2890:1.2004
  •  Recycled and New Rubber


  •  50mm High x 350mm Wide x 250mm Long
  •  Weight 4kg
  •  4 Sections Per Metre

Dugite Rubber Speed Hump