• Quick Supply and Install

    Thank you Image Bollards for your quick supply and installation of Steel Speed Humps. It has helped reduce potential accidents by speeding drivers in our car parks.

    Darren McHugh MaintenanceWhitford City Shopping Centre
  • Able to react in a tight timeframe

    We have found Image Bollards able to react to a tight timeframe with supply and installation of manual and automatic bollards and steel speed humps.

    Multiplex Perth Convention Centre
  • Great advice and speedy installation

    Tony, the Plastic Wheel Stops have solved our problem of cars nosing across the foot path. Now everyone can get past with their food trolleys and prams. Thanks for your advice and speedy installation.

    Tom BurlinsonPhoenix Shopping Centre
  • We highly recommend you use Image Bollards

    Turning away illegal parkers who were occupying tenants’ parking spaces. We highly recommend you use Image Bollards.

    Bryan RulyanichRealmark Strata Manager
  • System offers great value

    The only people who enter our complex are those authorised to do so. Your system offers great value and has increased the value of the units at the complex. We look forward to doing more work with you.

    Phil LangtonStrata Manager
  • Highly recommend to prevent illegal access

    To help prevent ram raiding and illegal entry we highly recommend bollards and a roller door anchor to help prevent illegal access.

    Ashleigh ProveyBusiness Insurance Underwriter, GIO
  • They always have what we need

    Parsons Group undertakes a variety development types and have used Image Bollards for almost a decade, whether fixed bollards at our storage facilities, retractable bollards at our carwashes or boom gates at the marina. They always have what we need, offered at a competitive rate and backed with prompt installation and service.

    We recently had a set of retractable bollards destroyed by a stolen 18 tonne front end loader during a carwash ram raid at 2am. Image had them replace with new and keyed alike the next day. Given the importance of resecuring the site and the need to retain the key type. That kind of attention is why we will continue to use them.

    Cale ParsonsOperations Manager Parsons Management Group