Ball Fence Plus Menni

Ball Fence Plus Menni

Forklift Safety Fencing

Menni’ fence uses the components of the ‘Menni’ system with FRP (Fibreglass Re-inforced Plastic) components to create a truly modular pedestrian separation and management system. Both the ‘Menni’ and FRP components are impact resistant, highly durable, flexible and have solid colour moulded in. They won’t fade, rot, or rust and are U.V. stabilised.

‘Menni’ fence allows easy fabrication in the field without the need for welding. It is ideal for hazardous environments due to its low electrical and thermal conductivity and its non-corrosive components. Moulded sockets in the ‘Menni’ components allow the 50mm diameter FRP posts to be inserted. The combination of FRP fittings and rails in standard 5 metre length allows complete flexibility of design.


  • Complies with AS1657:1992.
  • Solid colour U.V. stabilised.
  • Slip resistant moulded top surface.
  • Modular components.
  • Endless applications.
  • Gates also Available.


  • 1017mm Above ground.
  • 2000mm Max between posts
  • Post 48.3mm

Ball Fence Plus Menni

BBFHR – Galvanized
BBFHRSY – Safety Yellow
BBFKR – Knee Rail Galvanized
BBFKRSY Knee Rail Satey Yellow