3 Different Parking Bollards to Improve Car Park Safety

Parking security bollards are a great way to improve safety in car parks at your location. They are an effective safety measure that is simple to install and easy to use. There are many different types of bollard available, but for car park safety there are three models that would be suitable. The final choice you make will be based on your particular parking area, and Image Bollards can help you find the best bollard to suit your needs. Let’s take a close look at the three best parking bollard models in more detail.

1. The Solid Bollard

This is a bollard that is permanently fixed to the substrate of your parking surface. Its primary purpose is to create a barrier with other bollards to prevent drivers from driving or parking in unauthorised areas. The bollards are usually made from steel, and they may even be filled with concrete. In order to make them more visible, they are often painted in high visibility colours (usually yellow) to provide a visual guide or deterrent. This a tough, but inflexible solution and once fixed in place they cannot be moved to create additional space or access.

2. The Retractable Bollard

This bollard can lowered or raised as required to allow or deny access to a particular area. The bollard will drop into a slot located in the ground when it isn’t needed and can then be raised using mechanical or manual methods. At its most basic this type of bollard will be unlocked using a key and maneuvered into place by an employee. More elaborate systems can use computer controlled systems to raise the bollard automatically. The retractable bollard is ideal for areas where flexibility is required to allow or deny access at different times of the day.

3. The Flexible Bollard

This type of bollard is typically used as needed and they are very affordable compared to other options. As the name would suggest these bollard bend flat when they are hit by a vehicle and then pop back up when the vehicle has passed over them. As such they offer little as a physical barrier to deter drivers that want to break car park rules. However, they do offer a visual deterrent, and they make a terrible noise as they scrape under the surface of a car passing over them. A flexible bollard is best used as a temporary measure or for special events.

If you’re in the market for new parking bollards, get in touch with us here at Image Bollards. We supply and install a wide selection of high quality safety and security equipment including automatic parking bollards. All of our product range is manufactured to exacting standards and are fully compliant with Australian rules and regulations. Our team members are here and standing by to discuss your project in more detail, and they would be delighted to answer any remaining questions you may have.