3 Ways to Use Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards are a useful way to allow and deny access at key areas on your site. They are a medium security solution that can be lowered or raised from a sleeve fitted into the ground. This creates a surface that is hazard free and seamless when the bollard is retracted into the ground. If you need a physical barrier that can adapt to different needs at various times of the day, retractable barriers created by bollards could be the ideal solution. Let’s look at three ways that a retractable bollard could be used at your location.

Retractable Bollard

1. To Restrict Access

The retractable bollard can be used to restrict access in crucial locations when you need it and then it will disappear when access is allowed again. Perhaps you need to deny vehicle access at an entry point or at the front of a parking bay? When the retractable bollard is up and locked in place, it acts as a very clear deterrent to deny access. You may have a business where access control is actually critical for safety purposes, such as: moving heavy equipment, collision risks at certain times or a drop off and pick up point at a school. If you need to designate an area for some sort of special event, a retractable bollard can help and then it can retract away when it’s not needed any longer.

2. Separating Traffic from Pedestrians

Wherever pedestrians and traffic come into close proximity, there is an increased risk of an accident. If you have a busy parking area, you may notice that certain periods are far busier than others. This could be a time when work starts or ends or as your business opens and closes for the day. This can lead to a surge in foot traffic that isn’t there for most of the day and having static bollards in place may not be a flexible solution. If you use retractable bollards, they can slide up and lock into place at these busier times to provide safer walkways and protect the perimeter from vehicular collisions.

3. Keeping Pedestrians Safe

We’ve already looked at car park safety above, but there are other ways that retractable bollards can be used to keep pedestrians safe. There are many locations that cater to pedestrian foot traffic that could benefit from retractable bollards, such as concert halls, theaters, museums, and art galleries. All of these locations have a surge in foot traffic at very specific times when an event is planned the planners know the opening and closing times well in advance. This will affect how people attend the event and the timing for walking to and from transport or parking areas. When a retractable bollard goes up, it will provide a physical barrier to keep people safe during these busier periods where an accident may be more likely.

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