Bollards Humble Beginning

As you walked along the road of Australia, you’ll find some security bollards lined up along the sidewalk. Sometimes, they come in many different shapes and style to complement its surroundings. The primary uses of bollards au are to manage traffic and pedestrian. It protects buildings and people from vehicular accidents by slowing or stopping them. They come with different materials depending on its uses. Common bollards you see on sidewalks are either metal or cement.


Where Did the Word Bollard Originated?

The word bollard came from the British word bole which means a tree trunk. It was used first in the early 1800’s in a newspaper called the Caledonian Mercury. The citation in the publication referred to it as a tremendous post. And before it has gained popularity, some countries denote it as the post.

Where was it Used?

Initially, bollards were used primarily for ships. The purpose had changed these days and is used in many different ways. It was used in quaysides to moor ships. The first bollards for sale were not short posts; in fact, the first ones were old cannons. The muzzle goes first underground. About two – thirds of the length is suppressed, leaving only the rear end called the breech on the field. The breech is the one used by sailors to attach ropes when mooring their ships.

In the 18th century, people started to make use of wooden posts for traffic management. It was the start of the evolution of the usage of bollards. One of the earliest proof of its existence was documented in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. It was described as two oak posts and used to prevent injuries by carriage accidents in Waltham Cross. There were also many other posts of a similar kind in some historical paintings. In the 19th century, the first bollards were designed to look like cannonballs. They made a short post with circular heads. In the Netherlands, bollard posts were used in the street and became well-known symbols of the city. However, they were removed recently to build elevated sidewalks.

Modern Bollards

Modern bollards Australia has evolved into many different forms. Since the usage was for various purposes of safety, protection and decoration, the designs became modern and varied. They are now made not just with timber but also with metal and plastic. Many models came about, and they can even be customised. There are multi-purpose bollards that come with empty holes for trash. There are some that come with lights of different colours to illuminate pathways and parks at night. Bollards also serve as an added landscape decor. Some are amazingly painted and decorated accordingly depending on their location.

From cannonballs used to moor ships, bollards have indeed come a long way. It became a favourite and necessary part of traffic management and protection. People found many useful uses for it, making it constant in the manufacturing industry.