Bollards: Perth People, Vehicle and Building Protection

As we go about our day, we are likely to come across a variety of bollards in our towns and cities. Many of these bollards are easily overlooked, but they are actually an ultimate safety protection for people, vehicles, and buildings. While it may sound dramatic, these structures can provide silent protection that can prevent property damage and save lives.

What is a Bollard

Many people don’t recognise the word, but they would certainly recognise it if they see it. A bollard is a post made of metal or other materials that are commonly seen in car parks. They can be in a variety of widths, heights, and colours, but they all offer the same purpose; to control foot or vehicle traffic flow and provide protection. Bollards are not simply placed at random; they are normally spaced to prevent most vehicles from passing through. This allows for cars and pedestrians to be safely separated, traffic flow to be delineated and visually aid drivers in more challenging traffic conditions.

Different Types of Bollards

Not all bollards are the same, and there are decorative, traffic and safety bollards, which provide different functions. The type of bollard needed will depend greatly on its primary purpose. If you want to direct traffic away from a pedestrian area, your requirements will be very different for someone organising an event who needs to block off an area.

Removable bollards are one of the most flexible, sturdy bollards to provide protection for vehicles and pedestrians. These structures can be removed from a ground receiver to allow vehicle access when it is needed. This can be useful in an area which may need to be designated as “car free” at certain times of the day. Retractable bollards also offer this flexibility. While these tend to be more expensive, they can be retracted to lie flush with the ground rather than needing to be stored when not in use.

When considering safety, you may also over look flexible bollards, but these are actually a fantastic visual deterrent. They tend to be made of bright colours and will bend on impact, returning afterward to their original state. This can be beneficial to create a clear boundary, but avoid vehicle damage if the driver is unaware of a sharp turn.

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