The Importance of Speed Humps for Your Commercial Property

When it comes to speed humps, Perth business owners often wonder whether to bother installing them. After all, you’ve planned the layout of your commercial property well, do you really need the additional expense of speed hump installation? While speed humps are more of a precaution, they should be considered insurance, and it is certainly better to be safe than sorry. So, here we will explore the importance of the speed hump, so you can have all the details you need to make an informed decision.


One of the main advantages of considering speed humps for sale is the increased safety for your customers and employees. Speed humps will force any driver to slow down, and in an area like your car park, where there will be pedestrians moving around, speed humps can significantly reduce the risk of an accident.
Although speed humps won’t eliminate any car accidents completely, they can not only reduce the chances of one occurring, but also lessen the impact. Since drivers will be forced to slow down, if an accident does occur it will be at far lower speeds, so the chances of any life threatening injuries are reduced.

Slow Traffic Flow

If speeding is an issue, speed hump installation is a massive help. Drivers are forced to slow down or risk damaging their vehicle. While the speed limit on your property may be low, an open roadway or car park can be a temptation for some drivers. Strategically installing speed humps will slow down traffic flow.

Decrease Unwanted Vehicle Traffic

One of the most frustrating aspects of having a commercial property can be when vehicles use your property as a shortcut, place to turn around or even somewhere to park for free. Speed humps can be an effective way to discourage these drivers and redirect vehicle traffic. By installing speed humps, you can remove the frustration for your customers who struggle to park or get stuck behind someone making an awkward manoeuvre. Most drivers will avoid anything that slows them down, and their shortcut won’t be as appealing if they have to slow down for speed humps.

While speed hump installation is a cost your business will need to cover, the sense of safety to your customers and employees is priceless. Fortunately, speed humps for sale are fairly inexpensive and easy to install, particularly if you’re already planning work on your current car park.

If your considering speed humps, Perth commercial property owners should speak to us. We offer a wide range of solutions including speed humps for sale. The Image Extra team is also on hand to answer any queries and help you to determine the product best suited to your specific requirements.