Knockdown-proof Flexible Plastic Bollards

The importance of having bollards on and by the roads or around buildings are not to be taken lightly of. These posts that may seem like barriers that restrict movements of vehicles are traffic tools to minimise possibilities or accidents and damage in accidents to the lowest.
Plastic bollards are the most widely used not only because they are economical but also because they are effective, with high visibility and is durable.

Removable Plastic Bollards

However, in areas where accidents do unfortunately happen more often, more durable and sustainable bollards are needed. Image Bollards had manufactured and launched flexible plastic bollards for the benefits of not only companies and owners of bollards but also for the drivers. The biggest advantage of flexible plastic bollards? – They are knockdown-proof.
Meaning, when they are hit, bumped or ran into, they will bolt down but would rebind or return to its original state when the force is removed.

Damage Control

The two types of flexible plastic bollards Perth that are currently on sales are the 1 Piece Flexi and the 2 Piece Knockdown. Due to their flexibility, these plastic bollards are indestructible. The 1 Piece Flexi might look like the typical bollards, but what makes it different is its ability to rebound to its original state or height even after being bolted down by a heavy vehicle.
2 Piece Knockdown is similar in function but with an additional feature of being removable.

The post can easily be unscrewed and removed from the plastic base and then be installed again when needed. When crashed into, the bollard will bend, reducing the collision force between the car and the bollards, and ultimately minimising both damage to the vehicles and to the bollards.

Lane Delineation

Bollards keep the traffic sane and manageable. When the routes are clear, with bollards as barriers to keep the impatient drivers in their lane, the traffic would be more systematic and risk of accidents would be greatly reduced. For smaller vehicles like motorcycles too, Image Bollards had designed Hi-Visibility 2 Piece Flexible Bollard with Chain Loop to ensure that they too follow the rules and system on the road. For this bollard, you can run a plastic chain through the loop so this way, even the motorcyclists will not be able to slip through (literally!).


Imagine having to replace the crushed or damaged bollards every 2 days per week. Unfortunately, accidents do happen quite frequently, regardless of whether they are major or minor. Especially in traffic-heavy roads or areas. Frequent replacements of bollards to maintain safety on roads are not only costly and impractical but also not environmentally friendly. Here in Image Bollards, we aim to produce a useful yet still extremely sustainable product. These flexible bollards are manufactured with long life Polyethylene that is rebound-able when crushed or flattened.

Get in touch with our team today to find out more about the flexible plastic bollards. For any further request, the bollards colours, length of chain for bollards with loops or deliveries, our consultants will be glad to brief you through all you’d need to know.