Understanding Speed Humps

Rubber speed humps are made from solid recycled rubber, and they are the most commonly recognised method for reducing vehicle speed in sensitive areas. They are usually painted in high visibility colours and may have reflectors fitted for vehicles travelling over them at night. There are different sizes available to suit many different traffic needs, and they are fixed to the road in pre drilled locations. Some other names used for speed humps are sleeping policeman, road hump, speed cushion or road saddle. Let’s take a closer look at how a speed hump works and some of the benefits it can provide for a busy traffic area.

Speed Hump Applications:

The speed hump is used to slow down traffic in sensitive areas, some of the common applications, are:

Residential areas

speed humps are often used to reduce the speed of traffic residential areas. Speeding in these kinds of areas is very dangerous as local people will not expect vehicles to be travelling at high speeds and awareness will be lower. This is particularly true with older people and younger children that cannot judge distances and speeds accurately.

Public areas

Many public places, such as hospitals, playgrounds, schools and parking structures would benefit from installing speed humps. Lowering the speeds of vehicles in areas where pedestrians are concentrated is a great way to improve site safety.

Traffic flow

In areas where the speed is strictly controlled it can be difficult to balance safety and maintain traffic flow. A speed hump is a highly visible deterrent to speeding that will not cause damage, lower speeds and keep the traffic flowing.

Vehicle deceleration

Speed humps are very good at protecting pedestrians that are getting into and out of cars on car parks. They can easily protect pedestrian routes and slow speed to avoid low impact collisions that can be very dangerous for younger children and elderly people.

Rubber Speed Hump Benefits

A rubber speed hump is a long lasting, tough product that will not corrode, chip or crack. It is modular and can be easily installed on both concrete and asphalt services with little experience. Maximum visibility is easily achieved with high visibility colours and reflective surfaces. As a 100% recycled rubber product, it’s a very green solution, and it’s resistant to extreme temperatures, moisture and oil spills. As a rubber hump, it offers excellent grip when wet and will not damage vehicles using it.

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