Using Wheel Stops in Parking Lots

A good exercise employed by many top designers is to place themselves in the position of the person they are designing for. The shopping experience has changed a great deal over the last few decades, and the parking lot is where everything begins. A parking lot will give the customer their first impression, and it’s vital to make sure that they have a great experience. Some key considerations are efficiency, safety and branding, and how they are used for car parking and to promote your business. Let’s examine this in greater detail and look at how wheel stops have a vital part to play in this experience.

Ugly Car Parks

Many parking structures are in a poor state of repair and are not maintained regularly. This can be caused by a variety of factors, and the weather plays a major part. If you recall parking on a car park like this, it’s likely that you had a very poor initial reaction. Most retailers spend most if not all of their remodelling budgets inside the store or on the frontage. This will enhance the shopping experience inside, but a poor quality parking experience will drive some customers away. A poor car park may even develop a reputation for a bad safety record that will send potential customers to a rival retailer.

Start with a Plan

The first requirement for upgrading and improving a parking experience is to create a plan. Think of the car park as an entry hall into your home; it needs to be welcoming, safe and comfortable to put people at ease. A well organised parking area will have sufficient corrals for shopping trolleys that will be collected regularly. Each parking space will have wheel stops to protect pedestrian walkways from car accidents when starting and parking. Visibility and safety can be improved with other measures, such as signs, road markings, and mirrors for tighter turning areas.

Safety is Key

A poor quality car park is a location that can be a safety nightmare for pedestrians and drivers alike. The shopping experience is often a draw for families with smaller children that cannot be seen in a rear view mirror. Even low speed collisions can be extremely dangerous for small children and traffic calming measures are essential. Any measure adopted for safety should be visible in low light conditions, and solar powered lighting can help increase visibility at night. Removable bollards can be used to open up and close off areas as required.

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