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The Comprehensive Guide to Vehicular Traffic Management For Your Business

safety bollards in business area

With Australia’s growing population, cities are becoming more densely populated and increasingly difficult to navigate. Because of the higher volume of traffic in popular areas,  the ever-changing regulations for safety and security, a vehicle management system, adapt to the growing population.

Businesses may not only benefit from a vehicle management system but also find it imperative for the safety and efficiency of their trade. While there’s been a push to relegate cars from the inner city centres and provide more dynamic traffic zones, this is only respecting new and more complex scenarios that demand an increasingly dynamic and versatile response. 

There are key products available that are designed to manipulate, streamline, and secure traffic flows around businesses or homes.

Here are some of the safety equipment that help in vehicular traffic management:

Safety Bollards

retractable bollardsThe ultimate protection for businesses.

There are various types of bollards and their uses vary depending on their material, structure, and placement. From a safety perspective, bollards are the ultimate barrier to stray traffic. It can be temporary barriers at certain times to regulate the traffic flow.

Safety bollards in Perth city are used for a number of reasons. But, primarily on inner-city footpaths and around car parks. Be it removable bollards for flexible or seasonal use, or automatic, retractable bollards for more permanent and seamless use, there are options to suit every need.

Bollards are increasingly being used in the private setting because they add security to the car park, driveway. They simply provide an added layer of safety in a busy or tight area. Having a bollard is a great way of avoiding large scale intrusive gates that require more space and higher installation costs. 

Bollards can be both subtle and effective in deterring rogue cars and other traffic nuisances. With an extensive range of bollard options to safeguard your business, Image Bollards has the experience and the installation expertise to deliver the safety you need.

Safety Barriers

retractable barrierSecure your place with safety barriers for ultimate control over vehicular movement at key entry points or thoroughfares. Safety barriers are intended to prohibit or regulate access to a particular site or location.



There are several advantages to implementing safety barriers. 

> It denies access and reduces unwanted or prohibited traffic. You can use boom gates, retractable barriers, flexible guard rails, or chain barriers. 

> Safety barriers are instrumental in keeping workers and members of the public safe from potentially harmful substances or environments.

Depending on the site and nature of traffic flow, Image Bollards offer various products that can optimise entry and departure, control flow, or even prohibit access. With our extensive range of safety barriers from crowd control to parking garage systems, we can help secure your site for the long term.

Security gates for all purposes

access gateAt Image Bollards our range of competitively priced security gate options have an emphasis on flexibility and security.


Here’s a snapshot of our security gate product range:

Automatic Chain Gate unlike cumbersome and heavy sliding electric gates provides a safe and obvious barrier to cars and other vehicular traffic.  Additionally, it is pedestrian-friendly and easy to operate.

Manual Swing Gate offers a traditional approach to entry and exit solutions and is more universally accessible.

Boom Gate options are available in various sizes, delivering an automated and efficient traffic control system. They are a more regulated approach and can work to slow, and space traffic during peak times.

Parking management and safety 

Parking lots can be busy, and without the right safety precautions, there is a higher risk of accidents. Roughly 20% of all car accidents occur in car parks and while usually not very serious, they can be costly to you or your customers. Many precautionary methods can make the modern car park safer, and more streamlined, ensuring a swift and seamless parking experience for all.

At Image Bollards, we offer a diverse range of parking safety and vehicle management equipment. There are multiple ways of ensuring safety and compliance in  parking areas such as using curb ramps, height restriction controls, safety mirrors, and wheel stops, 

Why install wheel stops in a car park?

wheel stopThere are several benefits to wheel stops, besides the obvious prevention of bumping other cars or barriers. Wheel stops, when implemented effectively:

> can reduce traffic build-up,

> provide certainty for the driver,

> and are a universal solution, no matter the size or width of the car, vehicle, or parking lot arrangement.

Wheel stops can also work to reduce instances of illegal parking and obstruction of traffic flow. Image Bollards offers a range of wheel stops for different situations including recycled rubber, concrete, and heavy-duty truck wheel stops.

Why install speed humps?

speed humpManaging traffic flow is not just about guiding flow and managing entrances. The safety and effectiveness of a traffic management system depend on the speed of cars moving through it. Traffic speed has a huge impact on how quickly traffic builds up.  It also impacts where and how it stagnates and has massive safety implications for the surrounding cars and infrastructure.


Are speed humps effective?

Speed humps are proven to be effective in reducing accidents, managing traffic flow, and ensuring a safe and quiet environment. Even beyond the advantages of slower and more regulated traffic flow, speed humps provide a more amenable environment especially for pedestrians and surrounding businesses. 

Here at Image Bollards, we have a range of speed humps that are applicable across different traffic situations, from heavy-duty speed humps to rumble strips. Our products can both optimise traffic speed and efficacy of any high-volume environment.

With an extensive product range and implementation expertise, we can help you with vehicular traffic management to effectively control traffic. View our wide range of traffic safety equipment.

For enquiries, contact us, we are ready to assist in optimising your traffic flow management system. For a custom solution, contact Image Bollards for a free quote. 

Image Extra is the leading bollard supplier in Perth. With decades of experience, we pride ourselves in “Protecting Your Business”.