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Installation Guide for Wheel Stops in your parking lot

Wheel Stops Australia

Wheel stops are the most effective way of controlling traffic, stopping collisions, and managing space in complex and crowded parking blocks. 

At Image Extra, we stock a range of quality, Australian-made wheel stops – ideal for a range of traffic environments and fully customisable to your specific needs. 

If you’re looking to install wheel stops in your car park, then you’re in the right place. 

Benefits of Wheel Stops 

When installed correctly, wheel stops are the perfect tool to manage traffic flow, allow cars to park in the correct position, and stop avoidable collisions on your property. 

How to get started with wheel stops

There are a few different types of wheel stops on the market. At Image Extra, we stock a range to meet a variety of needs. 

  • Rubber Wheel stops
  • Compliance
  • Concrete
  • Heavy Duty Truck Stop

Have you considered your legal compliance obligations?

Choosing the right one will depend on what kind of traffic environment you’re working with and your compliance obligations under Australian law. The piece of legislation in question is the Australian Standards AS2890.1:2004 which stipulates that wheel stops must be between 90 and 100mm high, with a width of 1650 +/- 50mm.

Many car park operators and owners are unaware that these regulations exist, and installing the wrong wheel stops can drag you into an uncertain legal position, especially if an accident occurs on your premises.

As always, it’s good to be on the safe side. 

Installing Rubber Wheel Stops 

Rubber wheel stops are sturdy and designed to protect vehicles and property. Our 100% Australian recycled Rubber Wheel Stops are 1650mm long making them ideal for commercial and private installations. Our rubber wheel stops are also fully compliant with AS2890.1:2004. Self-installation is simple and strait-forward, our experienced team at Image Extra is always around to help you too. 

Compliance Wheel Stops

If you’re after a simple, colour-coded wheel stop solution – easily scalable to your premises – a compliance wheel stop is the right one for you. Made of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), these wheel stops only weigh 4.5kg and are easily installed across your location. Designed to cope with the Australian summer heat, compliance heel stops are a comprehensive solution to your parking safety needs. 

Concrete Wheel Stops

For more heavy-duty car park safety solutions, concrete wheel stops are ideal for protecting property and stopping car-on-car collisions. Designed to fit in with urban, concrete surroundings, our range of concrete stops is fully compliant with AS2890.1:200. 

Installation is more labour intensive, and we recommend you hire professionals to get the job done. Our team of wheel stop specialists is ready to install your concrete wheel stops – just give us a call. 

Heavy Duty Truck Stops

Designed to stop heavy trucks and vans, you can have peace of mind that these wheel stops aren’t going anywhere. Whether you’re securing heavy machinery, or looking to accommodate larger vehicles on your premises, getting the right material and strength is key to avoid accidents. Anchored to the concrete surface, heavy duty truck stops are your comprehensive solution to larger vehicle safety. 

Step by Step – how to choose 

1. Identify the purpose of wheel stops on your premises 

This may be for pure compliance reasons, or you may be protecting property, vehicles, or ensuring proper traffic flow. Each situation may warrant a different type of wheel stop. 

2. Analyse the kinds of vehicles that enter your premises 

What vehicles are parking up against your wheel stops? Light traffic and motorcycles? Trucks and vans? Heavier vehicles will require more solid and secure solutions. 

3. Plan your traffic flow 

Wheel stops are an excellent way of regulating or encouraging traffic flow through your parking block – in many cases they can be a cheaper solution for managing how cars move around a space – particularly in opposing parking spaces. In many cases, wheel stops are superior to barrier walls, bollards, or speed humps.

4. Understand who is using your premises and when 

Are you managing a public parking space? Are there disabled parking bays? Are your traffic flows endangering pedestrians? Visibility is a key concern when installing wheel stops in certain areas. You’ll want to make sure you’re not just compliant with the right laws, but are making it easy for cars and pedestrians to navigate your parking block.

Let’s get this ball rolling 

Think you know what wheel stops you need? It’s time to call in the experts. Our expert team of wheel stop specialists is ready to answer your questions, fill in your order, and install on your behalf. 

Gain access to our wide range of Australian Wheel Stops – call our office and get a quote today.

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