3 Locations Where You Need Wheel Stops Now

Wheels stops are an excellent, low-key way to prevent accidents in car parks, loading bays and other areas where pedestrians and vehicle may be in close proximity. Although many people see a wheel stop as an annoyance, they are a proven way to increase safety on your property. Careful planning is required to get the best out of these products, and you need to choose the right kind of stop to suit your needs. Here are three locations, that would benefit from having some wheel stop solutions fitted.

1. Let’s Start at Home

A residential setting is usually one of the last places most people would think about when considering wheel stop installation. Actually, in practice, they are a really good way to improve car parking and safety around your home. If you park on any kind of inclined driveway, a wheel stop can act as a handy piece of insurance if you forget to apply your handbrake. A wheel stop is also a great way to avoid damaging your car if you have an awkward parking space near a wall or other obstruction.

2. In The Outback

We are not recommending the fitting of wheel stops everywhere, but there are areas that could benefit from using them. Businesses that operate in the outback especially tour companies and off roading specialists should consider installing them. In some areas, going off the designated path, trail or a parking area can be a serious issue. Some people, even those with rugged SUVs have returned to their parked vehicles, only to find them submerged in a nearby pond or at the bottom of a ditch. This can cause significant damage to a vehicle and a great deal of inconvenience. In rural public areas, one could argue that the state should install bollards and wheel stops to prevent these kinds of accidents.

3. Retail Safety in The City

There are numerous reasons to consider the installation of wheel stops in a city location. One primary concern for retailers is that they may want to consider more protection for their valuable storefronts and displays. It may sound like a stunt from a car chase movie, but people do occasionally simply drive into shops through the front window. The use of bollards is a great option if additional security is required, but for many locations, a more low-key solution could be a high visibility wheel stop.

If you’re a property manager interested in using wheel stops, contact us. At Image Bollards, we can supply and install a wide selection of safety and security solutions. We stock tough rubber stops that are recycled, plastic wheel stops and heavy duty concrete models. All of our products are manufactured to be compliant with Australian standards. We look forward to discussing your needs in greater detail and answering any remaining questions you may have.