3 Principles to Consider for Landscaping Using Retractable Bollards

When we think about the use and placement of bollards, it usually for a variety of different reasons, such as accessibility, security, and safety. However, when used correctly, bollards can help to define an area very effectively with aesthetic features. A bollard can still fulfil its primary function and yet add to the look of the space it is being used in. Let’s take a look at three principles to consider when carrying out bollard planning and placement.

1. Designing an Improved User Experience

Denying access to an area or increasing the level of security are very spartan ways to describe using bollards. There are, in fact, some very attractive retractable security bollards that can be used to enhance the look and feel of your space. This may not be important on a supermarket car park, but what about a spa entrance or an upmarket hotel? A uniform row of brushed steel or chrome bollards can add a certain amount of class to a perimeter. All of this can be achieved without compromising the core function of the bollard. Organic elements, such as grassed spaces, slopes and plants can be clearly defined with a row of bollards.

2. Establishing Unity Through Repetition

Both larger residential and commercial properties have a more unified design when repetition is used. Soft exterior elements may have some uniformity, but nature will always find a way to make even two exact same shrubs different. However, this looks amazing if it is combined with non organic uniformity in the form of architecture and other furniture. This can be seen at all the best examples of modern public spaces, such as airports, museums and even football stadium. A repetitive row of attractive bollards will give the eye something to focus on and establish an attention grabbing pattern.

3. The Strongest Designs are the Simplest

One would think that uniform rows and lines are quite boring, but that could not be further from the truth. Most people are actually drawn to lines as the quickest way to navigate between point A and point B. A straight line is the most simple of all designs and architects use it to create a sense of ease. Lines are familiar and comforting; they define a connection and space between different areas. Always consider the straight lines when planning an area and it is possible to turn a mundane space into something quite remarkable.

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