4 Features To Consider When Choosing Round Bollards

Bollards can be used as blockades to restrict access of vehicles or pedestrians to a particular space or premise, can be used as barriers to protect buildings and facilities, and can be designed to be visually appealing so that they can be used as decorative bollards. To ensure that the bollards that you’ve purchased meet your needs and the function that you want them to serve, here are some areas or features of bollards that you should consider:

round concrete bollards



Bollards might look to you as just posts on and by the road to restrict movement or travel routes of vehicles, but really, different bollards have different features that serve various functions. The common round bollards come in different sizes, height, and colours, and they can either be permanently mounted or can be removed. These features and differences depend greatly on why you use these bollards for.

For example, if you want to protect your buildings or facilities from collisions of vehicles, then permanent bollards should do. Unlike bollards at an entrance or parking that function to close up access temporarily, these protective bollards do not need to be removed. Moreover, these bollards should also be strong enough to effectively withstand collision to protect buildings and the facilities from damage.

High Visibility

When you install bollards, you would want to make sure that they serve their purpose. Rather than as an emergency solution or measures to your problem, bollards act more as a prevention. They should be highly visible to road users, be it the drivers, cyclist or pedestrian, to warn them to stay away and that the area is restricted from a distance before they drove too close. Here in Image Bollards, the bollards come in different colours depending on your needs, though commonly in safety yellow. These bollards also come with a red reflective band that reflects lights in the morning or night to ensure their visibility.


The round concrete bollards that you choose should be made from strong and sturdy materials that can withstand collision from vehicles. For sure, you would like to minimize the possibilities of having to replace the bollards too often due to its poor sustainability. Besides, they should also be able to endure the harsh Australian weather. Depending on the weather or condition of your area, decide if the bollards you prefer should come in powder coat, as aluminium or standard steel.


Last but not least, consider also the way you want these bollards to be installed. For permanent bollards, they can either be mounted to the surface of the earth or be in-ground into the concrete. As for temporary bollards, commonly used at parking to reserve a space or at the entrance of a building to restrict access at a certain time of the day, you can choose to have the removable or retractable bollards for easy removal and convenience.

Image Bollards offer a range of temporary and permanent bollards in Perth for different functions and purpose, from protective barriers, access barriers to decorative ones. Feel free to browse through our website to find out more and if you should have any enquiries or special request for bollards. contact our team do we can further assist you.