4 Uses for Expandable Plastic Safety Barriers

Many of us, have seen safety barriers in use at public events or as a traffic calming measure. In many cases, these barriers are a permanent installation at a location where they are in regular use. However, there are also expandable safety barriers available that are a useful device for more temporary applications. These kinds of barriers are simple to erect, store and stack easily and are flexible enough to be used in a variety of different roles. Let’s take a look at four uses for these kinds of barriers that you may not have considered.

Temporary Traffic Control

Some commercial sites have traffic control needs that are only an issue at certain times of the day. An expanding barrier is very easy to use in this kind of role, and it can be carried by a single person. Blocking off an access road or car parking area at certain times of the day is easy to do. It is also possible to wall mount an expanding barrier at the access point if the traffic control is needed every day for additional convenience.

Traffic Calming Measures

An expandable barrier is a useful way to delineate a car free zone to prevent parking on pavements or reduce the speed of traffic by narrowing a car lane. This would ideally be used in conjunction with signage and bollards in a more permanent scenario. However, if a temporary solution is required, an expandable barrier can provide a useful short term solution.

Restricting Access

An expandable barrier is a very useful solution to have in a commercial or warehousing setting. If restocking, cleaning or repairs are being carried out in an aisle, a commercial business can remain trading while the work is underway. Members of the public can be effectively denied access to areas where they could be injured. Typically, one can see traffic cones being used in this kind of role, but these are easily bypassed by children and inattentive adults. Warehouses are another good example where these kinds of barriers are useful. Denying access to an aisle where a lot of reorganising is occurring or if a rack has become unsafe or unstable could save lives.

A First Line of Security

Temporary security requires a first line to indicate where people should not cross. An expandable barrier offers an effective way to define a space where people should not be. This can be especially useful for events, exhibitions and trade shows that are held occasionally or are being held in less than ideal locations that don’t have adequate security measures.

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