4 Ways to Use Bike Racks in Your Business

Cycling is an excellent form of transport; it makes it easy to get some exercise into a busy workday. Many of our communities are becoming more integrated, and a smart business can engage with the growing cycling demographic by installing bike racks. When cyclists can park near your business, you can expand your customer base and keep your cycling employees happy. Let’s take a look at four ways that a bike rack can help your business to grow.


4 Ways to Use Bike Racks in Your Business

  1. Potential Customers Riding Past Every Day

When you look outside your business and see those cyclists riding by every day you’re losing out on a lot of potential business. If a cyclist cannot find anywhere to park and lock up their bike, they will ride on until they can. Commuting into work and cycling to the shops is a growing trend and cyclists are looking for somewhere to park safely. Every cyclist is saving money on car maintenance, insurance, fuel, and parking fees, so they have money to spend elsewhere. If you install bike racks at your location, you will attract new customers and improve revenue at the same time.

  1. Healthier and Happier Employees

Cycling is a superb form of cardiovascular exercise that helps people to stay alert, active and healthy. This vigorous activity will reduce the risk of a number of health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. When we engage in strenuous exercise our general mood, creativity levels, and overall mental health also improves. When employees are healthier and happier, they are far more productive and less likely to take sick days. When you install bike racks and perhaps other cycling friendly infrastructure such as lockers and showering areas, it can create a fantastic working environment for everyone.

  1. Engaging with the Local Community

As our transportation becomes more integrated, alternative transportation including cycling becomes a more popular method of moving around your community. Infrastructure support from local authorities can only go so far, and local businesses like yours can make a huge impact. Any business that takes steps to shape their local culture to promote healthier lifestyles and reduce carbon emissions will be noticed. This is a great way to show that you’re a business leader and a supporter of your local community.

  1. Better Customer Parking Capacity

Providing parking for cars requires a lot of expensive real estate and road access that requires management. A bike is far smaller than a car, and it doesn’t take up a lot of parking room at your location. This means that you can offer your employees and customers bike parking and have more space available for other commercial activities. Installing a single bike rack would take up less room than one car parking space and multiple bikes can be stored right next to your business entrance.

If they are looking for a bike rack, Perth based business owners and property managers should contact the Image Bollards team for expert help and advice.