5 Important Considerations for Organising a Crowded Event

Organising a large event where big crowds are expected requires more preparation than simply ordering some safety barriers. Every event is different and will need a unique arrangement to help it to run smoothly. The most challenging type of even to manage is where you can expect large crowds, such as festivals, concerts, and political events. These types of events require special considerations to deal with the large numbers of people and associated logistical problems. Here are five important considerations that you will need to bear in mind for your next crowded event.

1. You Can Never Over Plan an Event:

It’s important to get as much planning work done as early as possible to formulate your event plan. This will involve detailed discussions with key members of your team on their various areas of responsibility. During the course of the event, circumstances may occur that could affect how the plan is implemented, and a good plan will be able to adapt to these changes.

2. You Will Need a Large Team:

A larger event will need a larger team to ensure that it runs smoothly on the day. Ideally, you will need people with experience in dealing with larger crowds without fear. If you have enough time, additional training could be provided to ensure that all of your team has the qualities needed for dealing with large crowds.

3. Get Your Paperwork in Order:

A successful event will need official permits from the authorities involved for the venue in advance. Getting this in place early is crucial to avoid conflicts with your planning arrangements. If a problem arises later, it could impact locations and other arrangements that you’ve made. Cancelling events or altering tickets is a scenario that everyone should avoid at all costs.

4. Manage Your Logistics:

Extreme care needs to be taken with the logistic requirements for your particular event. As an example: an outdoor concert will need a clean and reliable source of power for the sound system. If the power fails, the crowd could become belligerent or even violent. Make sure that all your departments have everything they need to ensure that the event runs smoothly and have contingencies available if a problem arises.

5. Provide Adequate Security:

Pedestrian safety barriers are a must where large crowds of people are in close proximity to each other. A large security force may also be needed to ensure that order is maintained and troublemakers are quickly removed. A balance needs to be struck, the potential risks of misbehaviour need to be dealt with, but a heavy handed approach can also create a situation. The security staff should be able to make fair decisions quickly and have experience in dealing with larger crowds of people.

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