5 Safety Barrier Must-Haves in Every Warehouse

Prevention will always outrank the cure. When it comes to warehouses, employees are still at risk due to the existence of large machines and heavy materials. Any given the time of day, accidents can happen, and when they do, the results can be devastating.

There are more ways than one on how you can keep and improve the safety of your staffs minus the ongoing costs. Besides Health and Security Policies and the like, equipping your workplace with Safety Barriers Perth.

Safety Barrier

These are five must-have Safety Barriers in every warehouse.

Access Gates

Gates can keep unwanted or unauthorised vehicles from passing through the designated entry and exit points. This way, you can control the people and traffic – allowing and restricting them in and out of your property. With access gates, you can secure valuable and transportable tools and equipment from going out of your property.

Safety Bollards

Bollards are mainly helpful in protecting your property and building from vehicular collisions. A line of bollards can also keep your staffs safe from moving vehicles inside the warehouse in case forklifts and the like fall into accidents. There are different types of bollards. Some are permanent, removable and retractable. Others can be decorative – serving to complement the exterior of your property and landscape while performing its primary function.

Rubber Corner Guards

Corner guards made up of EPDM rubber protects your walls corners, all the while providing webbing and cargo protection. These are made only from the most durable rubber that can withstand high impacts common to industrial and warehouse settings, as well as chemical and corrosion. Wall, pillars and columns are in safe hands once rubber guards are installed.

Shock Absorbing Guard Rails

Also commonly known as SAGR, these works great in absorbing a high amount of impact caused by vehicles used inside warehouses. It can take many impacts without really getting long-lasting damages. These can be mounted on the surface or drilled into the ground.

Forklift Safety Zone Fencing

Almost all warehouses have forklifts. This handy dandy machine works hard on our behalf, but of course with the help of a licensed operator. However, forklifts and man can be a dangerous tandem, and this type of fencing is capable of marking the safe areas where warehouse personnel can freely move from one place to another, without the risk of bumping and having accidents involving lift trucks.

Both soft and hard barriers have the capability of keeping you and your staffs safe by securing your warehouse environment. By purchasing safety barriers for sale, you are holding the most critical part of your business safe.

When looking for safety barriers solutions, know your warehouse needs first. Make sure to buy only from authorised dealers – from an established business. Choose a company that has good reviews, offers a wide variety of products to choose from, can give you a reasonable quote with regards to your list of barrier needs and offers warranties on top of excellent customer service.