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5 Totally Preventable Car Park Accidents

Preventable Car Park Accidents (1)

We all have our share of bad driver stories. Everyone’s been in a situation behind the wheel where someone has done something ridiculous and left them cursing and carrying on. Hopefully, the bad driver wasn’t you!

Parking, for one, can be nerve-wracking, especially during your initial driving tests, but it definitely becomes easier and more comfortable over time. For most people, that is!

Though not as discussed often, parking lots see a lot of accidents just like the road does. In fact, parking lots probably see much more accidents than the open road, even if they are generally much less serious. It’s not something to be ashamed of, we’ve all had little bumps and little incidents, just always make sure not to make the same mistake twice!

Plus, here are five people who have it A LOT worse than you have!

Raised Car… I Guess

raised car


The purpose of bollards is to prevent vehicles from entering areas they shouldn’t. As you can see in this image, the bollard is right there seemingly to protect some nice flowers in the area. We’re not quite sure how this happened but it looks like a retractable bollard was raised just as the car was right over it.

Now, retractable bollards are great for restricting and allowing access as necessary. However, in a parking area, permanent bollards that are highly visible would be more effective. The one in this picture looks a bit dated because of the chipped paint. You can purchase high-quality bollards with durable exteriors or install rubber stop wheel stops instead!

Double Parking?

Double Parking

This looks like a case of the driver backing up way too much. Easily preventable if this car park had just installed reliable and effective wheel stops at the end of every parking spot. One in the slot where the bad driver backed up, and another to protect the poor victim right under him.

Bee Attack Backup

bee attack

Another backing accident, the driver claimed they were being attacked by a bee as they were backing into the parking spot! You can see from the image that the unfortunate victim was parked rightfully into his slot.

Whoever designed the parking lot might have thought the island in between rows will function as a wheel stop but vehicles can easily drive over them, intentional or not.

In this instance, wheel stops could have potentially prevented the accident, rather than a concrete curb. However, there’s only one solution for preventing this sort of thing, and it’s a good old, sturdy and secure parking bollard!

Decorative Items Are NOT Effective Stoppers!


We’ll say this over and over again: you cannot rely on decorative items to act as bollards or wheel stops. You would need these fixtures to effectively warn drivers against how far they can back up or drive into a space. Concrete balls like this one aren’t as visible as steel bollards or wheel stops would be, and can be costly to replace. Prevent damage to your property.

Onward! Or not…


Talk about going overboard. Without proper wheel stops in any of these parking spaces, drivers can easily accelerate way too far and dive into the pavement, damaging their vehicles if not your property.

What are Wheel Stops?

Like bollards, wheel stops are physical barriers used to limit access to certain areas and protect people and infrastructure from possible damage due to accidental or intentional crashes.

Wheel stops deter any problematic vehicle movement, advising the driver not to back up or drive forward any further.

Owners and managers of establishments with parking areas have a responsibility to create a safe parking environment for drivers using their amenities.

When installing or replacing wheel stops in Perth, consider using sturdy wheel stops that come with reflective striping or bright paint colours. This increases its visibility in low light conditions and protects both drivers and pedestrians.

Feel free to talk to us about wheel stops in Perth and how you can prevent nasty parking accidents.

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