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7 Ways To MAX OUT Your Business’s Security

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If you’re not taking your business’ security seriously, you should be! The return on investment, and the peace of mind you can gain by implementing a few easy strategies mean you’d be crazy not to.

Here at Image Bollards, our business is to protect your business, and that means more than just selling you a great product. We’re invested in the property security industry, and want to help you make sure your business is safe and secure.

So we’ve put together a checklist you can use to triple check your business’ security and make sure you haven’t missed anything. Even if you’re already all over these things, we’re sure you’ll still find it valuable, just for the peace of mind you’ve got it all covered. And if you’re missing something from this list, get it sorted!

A Good Alarm System

Alarm systems are your first line of defence in protecting valuable business assets. Reputable alarm companies will do a site survey before recommending any security equipment since this should depend on the layout of your site and business type.

Like any investment, it will cost money so try to be meticulous about access codes, monitoring, and how the alarm system works. For example, some systems may not work in the event of a power outage or criminals can try to disconnect your alarm systems.

A security firm to monitor your alarm system!

You’ve installed an alarm system but who will monitor it? You need to choose a reliable security firm who can monitor your alarm, quickly respond to the situation, and is well-trained and strategic in their emergency response. Some alarm systems can be professionally monitored by the provider themselves.

In case something happens, the security firm will inform the relevant authorities and notify you of the event. You want them to be able to keep in touch until emergency response teams arrive.



Invest in good video surveillance equipment to help keep an eye on your business. With a quality surveillance system and alarm system set up, you can attend to other matters with less worries.

There are different CCTV or Closed-Circuit Television systems available on the market depending on your budget and needs. The nature of your business will determine if you only need a basic system or one with fancier features such as two-way audio or infrared.

There are many online guides available for business owners, from small businesses to larger establishments. Try to find a company who can assess your establishment and accurately recommend the right CCTV system for you.

Sensor Lights

While you can get CCTV systems that work great in low light, and even using infrared technology, sensor lights can give you an even clearer picture. They also help to deter potential thieves, there’s nothing quite like a spotlight to spook miscreants!

If a sensor is triggered, it will send a signal to your main security system. This will then alert you and the monitoring centre about the potential threat to your business or establishment.

There are two main sensor types, Passive Infrared (PIR) and microwave (MW).

PIR detects body heat or infrared energy and is the most widely used motion sensor. It detects heat and movement in surrounding areas.

MW sensors send off microwave pulses and measure the reflection off of a moving object. They are vulnerable to electrical interference and are more expensive, but may not be reliable.

There are also systems that use a combination of both, or infrared rays from an LED. Some sensors detect ultrasonic waves while some can detect vibrations.

The key is to use these sensors at “choke-points” and areas where intruders will likely enter. Discuss with the security company to find which type of sensor will be best for your establishment and security needs.

Security Roller Doors

roller doors

A roller shutter is an overhead door often found in shops, storage premises, and other business establishments. Just like doors, they can be an overlooked security weak point. They’re ideal for closing off and securing big open areas but they can be easily broken.

Make sure your security roller doors are securely installed to a fixed frame or a sturdy wall. Most shutter doors also come with a specific type of lock and added security can be achieved with the help of lock surrounds and toughened locks. Steel housing will allow a bullet lock to be secured to the roller shutter, so install one on each side.

Retractable Bollards

retractable bollards

Prevent anyone from even getting their vehicle close to your business by closing off the access ways with retractable bollards. If you can’t put them at the end of the driveway, then even put them right in front of the building!

Retractable bollards provide an extra line of defence for security roller doors as well. Strategically placed bollards will prevent shutters from becoming the point of impact for ram raids.

Image Extra can help you choose the right type of retractable bollard for your establishment and business needs. There are manual and automatic retractable bollards, depending on your budget and usage.

Security Doors & Windows

All of the above are great solutions, but if there’s a weak point like a door or unprotected window, what good is it all! Make sure you get in touch with a great locksmith or security provider to ensure you have state of the art locks, screens, and deadbolts.

Sturdy hardware is one thing, but if you are willing to invest extra then there are also security doors and windows designed to deter burglars and even resist bullets. Security glass helps prevent criminals from trying to break in by busting your windows or doors.

Some security doors and windows even come with built-in alarm wires that will be triggered by forcefully attempted break-ins.

By ensuring these seven areas in business security are covered, you can protect your valuable business assets and save time, money, and your peace of mind. Keep your establishment safe from any threat with the right security measures in place so you can focus on growing your business.

Image Extra is the leading bollard supplier in Perth. With decades of experience, we pride ourselves in “Protecting Your Business”.