Always in the Safe Zone with Safety Barriers

We often expose ourselves to dangerous situations in our daily life, whether or not we are aware of it. The road we use every day, for example, is a potential hot spot for accidents. Safety barriers are thus located in and by the road to ensure that these risks are kept down to the bare minimum. However, some people do not really see the uses of these barriers but instead had even perceived them as obstacles that bring inconvenience and slow down traffic. What these people aren’t aware of though, are how these safety barriers can keep us all, the drivers, motorcyclist, and pedestrians, in the safe zone at all time. How? Read on.

Safety Barrier

Safe Pedestrian

Walking along the road, on the pavement next to driveways, especially the busy ones, can be really dangerous. It does not matter that a clear line is drawn in between the road and the walkway because technically you are still too close to the vehicles. With pedestrian safety barrier, safety is more ensured because at least now there is a roadblock in between to separate the drivers from the pedestrians. When in emergency incidents like an accident, where a car loses control and rammed into the walkway, the barriers can reduce the force of the collision and minimise the harm created. Here in Image Bollards, we offer high-quality pedestrian barriers like the Ball Fence Gates and the Ball Fence Plus Menni.

Events Must-haves

For events big or small, be it as the organisers or the participants, you’d appreciate good temporary safety barriers that maintain crowds’ order and to prevent possible accidents from occurring. These barriers basically create a safer environment for event goers. For big events like the concerts, the barriers act as a guide to direct people where to go and where to stand. As for marathons, the safety barriers ensure that the participants are running in the designated area and not outside of the path, reducing the possibility of runners bumping into onlookers which might cause injuries.

Highly visible. Here in Image Bollards, we have a variety of fence systems that are designed to be in bright orange for high visibility. Everyone would be able to easily spot these barriers. Check out our Crowd-Q Fencing System.

Lightweight barriers for easy transport. In addition to the above, Image Bollards’ barriers are lightweight plastic safety barriers, moulded by Polyethylene. They are great for events because not only are they easy to be set up (locks that can be easily interlocked), they are also easy to transport in and out. If you are using the Crowd-Q Fence in mass, consider transporting them using Image Bollards’ Q-Caddy trailer.

Permanent or temporary, for the interest of ensuring a safer environment in the roads or in events, contact our team today. We are confident that we have the solution to your problems!